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Architecture and construction

Pests are always looking for new homes. With their hiding spots, debris, and often standing water, construction sites are a haven for numerous pests.

The presence of rats and mice can distress people as well as cause damage to the interior and exterior of buildings under construction. Any surface or material touched by rodents is contaminated by their urine and hair.

Wood-destroying pests such as termites, powder-post beetles, carpenter ants, and carpenter bees can significantly reduce the value of a house or building. Extensive damage can weaken or completely destroy the supporting structures.

Birds and bats can also be a problem during construction, attracted by the many sheltered areas. Bird and bat droppings can create slippery conditions on pavements, walkways and scaffolding.



Our unique reporting and auditing tool stores all of your pest management data electronically.

Ehrlich’s pest control solutions for construction

Ehrlich’s wood destroying insect specialists can pre-treat construction sites to provide some level of preventive treatment.

Ehrlich’s bird control specialists guide architects during the design phase to get rid of bird problems on the finished structure. Our bird control systems prevent pigeons from roosting on cornices, attics, ledges, window sills, etc. and we can make the proofing almost invisible.

Our technicians provide pest control to construction sites of every shape and size.

Why Ehrlich?

Ehrlich invests heavily in a highly experienced and knowledgeable team to maintain ‘zero tolerance’ pest control standards for your construction site . Our dedicated high dependency team are backed by the Ehrlich reputation, hard-earned by working with the U.S's biggest construction companies and architectural firms.

Our nationwide coverage allows means we can provide seamless management of multi-site customers with a single point of contact, consolidated reporting, tailored programs and combined invoicing.

Free inspection

Request an extensive inspection today with one of our pest control experts. We will identify vulnerabilities in your business premises and operating processes that places you at risk of pests. Schedule your free inspection today!

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