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Where do snakes live?

Snakes are consistently ranked among the top things people fear. People will avoid snakes whenever possible. The easiest way to avoid snakes is to not go anywhere near where they live and spend their time. But where do snakes live so you know how to avoid them? The best solution for your fear of snakes is to learn how to keep snakes away so you don’t have that dreaded snake encounter in the first place. Once you know where snakes live, it is easier to take the necessary precautions to avoid running into snakes altogether.

brown snake sitting on dirt and sand

Where do snakes live?

You can find snakes pretty much anywhere in the world. They can be found on every continent (except Antarctica) and reside in almost every country (except for Ireland, New Zealand and any country close to the Arctic circle, namely Greenland and Iceland). As reptiles, the only climate snakes cannot tolerate is extreme cold, but are capable of living almost everywhere else. This may not sound encouraging for those who fear snakes, considering snakes live practically everywhere. But snakes will typically reside in places where the habitat is suitable for them.

Snake habitats

Snake habitats

So, what constitutes a suitable habitat for snakes? Again, it’s hard to narrow down, because snakes can live in a variety of places, depending on the species. They are most commonly found in deserts because of the dry heat, which is why Australia is so well known for its variety. But they are also found in forests, tropical locations, prairies and areas with tall grass and bushes. Snakes can also be found in trees waiting to catch their prey, and even crazier, can be found swimming in water! For homeowners, however, snakes are found in their yard, and generally make their homes in holes around the property.

Where to find a snake hole

A snake hole is where you will most likely find a snake living in your yard. You can find a snake hole underneath trees, bushes and rocks, and in secluded areas so they can take shelter and hide. Snakes can’t dig their own holes, but they are resourceful. They will take a spot that was inhabited by a different animal at an earlier time. Most of the time, people will run into snakes when the snakes are above ground getting some sun or hunting for food.

Where to find a snake hole

How to avoid snakes

There are several ways to prevent a snake encounter. It’s important to know that snakes won’t bite you unless they are provoked. Snakes don’t like being around people, so if you make your presence known, they will usually slither away. That being said, be sure you know how to keep snakes away and consider the following so you don’t catch a snake by surprise.

  1. Eliminate patches of long grass, and with them you eliminate the perfect place for a snake to hang out. Along with long grass, untrimmed bushes will most certainly attract a snake. These places are secluded, which allows snakes to hide from predators and allows them to hide while hunting for food. If you plan to walk through long grass, wear tough shoes and long pants so you’re not susceptible to snake bites. Snakes will bite if they feel like they’re being attacked. Accidentally stepping on one will certainly prompt a snake to bite.

  2. Keep a clean yard, meaning you should eliminate debris piles, woodpiles and rock piles if possible. The rationale for keeping a clean yard goes along with keeping the grass cut short and having trimmed bushes and shrubs. If there isn’t a good place for a snake to hang out in your yard, it won’t try to. Ideally, you should also have a yard where other pests won’t want to live. Snakes will reside in places where mice and rodents live because they want to be near a food source. If you need to have a wood or rock pile, it’s best to keep it further away from your home so animals won’t be tempted to sneak into your home while they’re hiding out. Lastly, be cautious when reaching into these piles, because you never know what you’ll stumble upon!

  3. Check property for potential entryways. Holes and cracks not only allow snakes to enter but other pests too! However, finding a snake in your home is much more alarming. Snakes can slither into the smallest of spaces, so be thorough and check the entire perimeter of the property for potential holes and cracks for animals to enter.

Ultimately, snakes can be found in many different places. There’s no sure-fire way to avoid them, but once you know how to keep snakes away and take some preventative measures around your property, you will decrease the chances of a snake encounter substantially. If you think you might have a snake around your property, have a pest control specialist fully assess whether or not your home or business is at risk. Contact us for more information today.

Sources:  Marc Potzler


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