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Vehicle-vandalizing vermin: How to keep mice out of your car

One of our mottos at Ehrlich is, “Get rid of the source, get rid of the pest.” Easier said than done, especially when your vehicle IS the source. It’s the perfect shelter; offering rodents of all shapes and sizes, a safe, dry, warm place to sleep and nest.

Your vehicle’s carpeting, upholstery, seat padding (some made of soybean-based foam), wiring (some have soy-based insulation) – all of it provides great gnawing and nesting material. Just one mouse could end up costing you hundreds of dollars in damage, possibly thousands.

And, as unfortunate as it is, the “It won’t happen to me” folks are usually the ones calling Ehrlich in search of an effective solution. We’ve heard stories, some followed by pleads, and here’s what our pest specialists advise.

messy garage

5 tips for how to keep mice out of your car

  1. Remove any food source in or around the building where you store your vehicle. Bags of birdseed or pet food provide the perfect year-round treat for these destructive pests.

  2. Avoid parking on grass surfaces over a long period of time.

  3. Seal it up! A mouse can enter through an opening as small as a dime. Make sure there are no entry points leading into the garage or vehicle. If they are still finding a way in, ease your frustrations with Ehrlich’s rodent control solutions.

  4. Inspect often, a dormant car provides a perfect shelter for long winters. Look for signs of unauthorized work being done. Check the interior and under the hood. If it runs, start it up and drive it around the block. A slight squeal coming from the engine may not be a mechanical issue after all.

  5. Implement a little extra insurance, set some snap traps near potential entry points.

It can be difficult to eradicate persistent pests. However, with a few tips, a little patience, and some help from one of our professionally trained pest specialists, you can relax knowing the only money spent on your vehicle will be for authorized work, not as a result of furry vandals.

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