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Are rats posing a risk to your business?

Rodents are mighty creatures. Portrayed in films as having the ability to take over the world, there is no doubt they possess some pretty stealthy survival skills. Baits, traps and sneak attacks are not always effective tactics in the battle against rats—leaving cats befuddled and rat-catchers scratching their heads. All the while, mass reproduction ensues and the maddening mayhem begins. This may not be your typical scenario, but it’s not far from the truth.

At Ehrlich, we believe that a “one-size fits all” approach is not always the best solution. It’s about understanding a customer’s needs and expectations, forging strong partnerships, abstracting the most effective techniques from our team of local pest control experts and utilizing our nearly 100 years of industry know-how to create a plan that will protect your investment: a business, a home, or a brand’s reputation. Our approach is one that will prevent rodents from taking over the world… or, on a smaller scale, maybe just your business.

Is your business at risk?

In the day-to-day routine of business operations, it can be quite easy to overlook potential rodent attractants or signs of rat activity. Some factors inherent in your processes may actually be inviting pesky rodents in. Here we identify four particular things that make commercial environments prone to rodent activity.

Rats can quickly navigate thinly-strung phone and cable wires with the greatest of ease. Not even a 50-foot fall can deter these unstoppable pests from reaching their destination. Utility posts offer the perfect high wire for rats to cross.

Does your business have utility poles nearby?

rats love to climb

Explorers at heart, rats are excellent swimmers, making waterways just as easy to navigate as the subway tunnels and city streets of New York City.

Is your business near a sewer or river?

rats love to swim

Seeking food, shelter and warmth, rats are especially active during the colder months.

Is your business located in a state that experiences cold winters?

rats seek out warmth

Food only provides substance for rats, they still require a steady source of water – building their burrows near a source that will provide all the water they need throughout the year.

Is your business near a river, stream, lake or fountain?

rats need water

With Ehrlich’s team of pest control experts, know that you are not alone in your battle against rodents. Protect your investment and reduce your risk of a rodent infestation. Call us today at 888-984-0186 for a free risk assessment pest inspection.

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