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Infographic: The house mouse – get the facts

Out of the rodents that often cohabitate with people, the house mouse is one you are more likely to come across. House mice tend to like the food and shelter that human spaces provide, which could be bad news if you don’t take the proper steps to keep them out. Despite their name, they can infest both homes and businesses, so locations like restaurantshotels, and apartments could all be at risk. House mouse infestations in these environments could potentially result in customer complaints and reputation damage.

Though it may sound scary, arming yourself with knowledge about house mice and how to handle an infestation could help you spot signs of a problem and prevent more serious issues. That’s where our infographic “The house mouse: Get the facts” comes in. Learn about the house mouse lifespan, what these rodents look like, and more. As always, contact Ehrlich if you think you have a mouse problem.

infographic about house mouse facts

House mouse facts

You may hear mice moving around while you attempt to sleep. Typically, the greatest amount of mouse activity takes place at night, although it’s also possible to spot them during the day. Mice can use pipes and utility lines to go from one building to another, and you may transport them inside on equipment in the case of commercial properties. It’s crucial to watch out for ways they could be entering and alert a pest control professional as soon as you suspect they’ve gained access. Aside from eliminating the mice, a professional can help you know how to prevent them from getting in.

House mice may also live in fields or yards, creating their nests in places like burrows. Outside, they turn to items such as roots, leaves, and seeds for a source of food. You’ve probably heard that cats prey on mice, but other animals such as ferrets, foxes, snakes, and owls are mouse predators as well. Luckily for them, mice have good senses of smell and hearing, often allowing them to outsmart predators.

Thanks to Nancy Troyano, Director of Technical Education and Training, Rentokil North America, for providing details for this infographic. Have you noticed droppings or other red flags of house mice? Ehrlich is your local expert in mouse control. We realize mouse problems can be very alarming and need to be resolved as soon as possible. We will work with you to eliminate mice from your property and can give you advice on how to keep these pests from returning. Call us at 888-984-0186 or contact us online today!

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