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How to get rid of birds

Certain bird species can create concerns for people when they inhabit an area in close proximity to residential or commercial properties. Bird droppings and nesting material can create many health and safety concerns, a considerable loss of product, plus an increase in maintenance costs. Getting rid of birds can be a real problem for any business or homeowner. Let us do it for you!

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Our bird inspection and control process

We utilize a combination of trapping, removal, and exclusion techniques that will effectively and efficiently ensure that the birds will not return to cause more damage. Our experienced specialists will always identify the best solution for your individual needs. They are trained to identify protected species and will remove pest birds both safely and humanely. Our process includes:

  • Consultation - We will consult with you about what bird issues you are having. Your knowledge of where the trouble spots are will help us determine where we need to concentrate our efforts.
  • Inspection - After discussing the situation with you, your specialist will conduct a thorough inspection of your property. Our specialists look for nests, the birds themselves, and their access points.
  • Removal - An Ehrlich specialist will implement a deterrent method and remove the birds and nests. Our goal is to make sure your property looks clean and free of the debris and mess that birds leave behind.
  • Prevention - Once we remove the birds and determine why they are using your property for their nests, we’ll work with you to find a prevention method that will stop them from returning.

Ehrlich’s bird deterrent methods

Ehrlich bird control specialists are trained to find and remove pest birds and provide you with options to prevent their return. Ehrlich uses the latest, most humane methods to prevent birds from returning.

Bird spikes

Bird spikes offer an immediate and effective solution to eliminate pest bird species. Our bird spike systems are installed on man-made surfaces where birds perch, preventing them from landing and ultimately deterring them from an area. Our bird spike systems are installed by our expert bird control specialists who have extensive local experience and are trained on the very best technologies and processes.

Electric bird deterrents

This is a cost-effective and discreet solution to keep pest birds away. The system can be used as a deterrent on any flat surface to completely exclude birds and prevent damage to your property. It is ideal for use on parapets, roof peaks, beams, ledges etc.

Bird trapping

Humane live trapping and removal of birds can be effective in some circumstances. This service will include routine visits to ensure that food, water, and shade are available for any trapped birds, as well as removal.

Optical gel

This multi-sensory bird repellent deters birds using sight, smell and touch.

Grid systems

A fine mesh fabric of cabling or wire that is stretched over a surface to prevent birds from landing.

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Tips for getting rid of pest birds

Although you cannot stop birds from visiting your property, there are easy steps you can take to reduce the conditions that birds may find attractive on your property.

Remove food sources

  • Do not use bird feeders
  • Keep trash areas away from structures and ensure those areas are clean and well-managed
  • Ensure trash cans have tight-fitting lids
  • Clean up any outdoor food or product spills quickly
  • Post signage at your business to encourage people not to feed the birds
  • For restaurants, bus outdoor dining areas as quickly as possible after services


  • Regularly mow and maintain lawns
  • Keep shrubs and trees trimmed and open to prevent nesting
  • Keep areas under shrubs free of vegetation and debris to eliminate potential nesting areas
  • Install a fence, barrier, or perimeter fence around bodies of water where possible to discourage geese

Remove access points

  • Birds can use ledges, window sills, cracks in wood, eaves and holes in the roof to build their nests. By adding deterrents, sealing up holes, and making those places less attractive to birds, you can stop them from using them as nesting places.

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An Ehrlich technician can discuss all of our removal and deterrent solutions. We can also offer advice on how to make your property less attractive to pest birds and how you can prevent them from causing damage.

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