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Goose control and removal

Canadian geese (also referred to as Canada geese) can cause problems for property owners in urban and suburban settings. The black necked birds inhabit lakes, ponds, and marshes, which act as resting, nesting and breeding sites. 

Manmade lakes and ponds in golf courses, residential communities and industrial parks have created new habitats for Canadian geese. They can live in close proximity to people, which has become an annoyance and hazard to those living or working near geese populations.  

Canadian geese have been considered migratory birds, but manmade water systems are so well kept, they provide optimal living conditions for the large wild goose species so they see no need to migrate. 

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Geese repellents

Sound devices

Similar devices used to scare other species of birds have been shown to have an effect on Canadian geese but are only effective in the short-term. 

Alarm devices which broadcast a sound similar to the call of Canadian geese have been proven to frighten geese.

Visual deterrents

The Eagle Eye and Flash Flag are optical scare devices that create light beams reflected from direct sunlight. The beams create a frightening pattern that disorients birds in flight by limiting their vision. 

Coyote replicas depict a realistic silhouette of this geese predator. In addition, we use a 3D-Coyote which makes the replica visible from every angle. These decoys are humane, easy to set-up or take -down and effective.

Motion deterrents

To keep geese and other birds away from pools, gardens and other areas, we install the Scarecrow. It’s an infrared sensor that detects birds when present and shoots them with a stream of water to startle them.

Chemical repellents

Rejex-it Migrate for Turf is a product that changes the taste of grass to make it unpleasant for geese to eat. This causes geese to leave the treated area to find better feeding conditions. Rejex-it Migrate is not systematic, which means as the grass grows, it must be applied repeatedly.

Bird wire system

Wires are placed on the outer perimeter and across lakes and ponds to prevent geese from inhabiting these areas.

Ehrlich geese management

Four management practices make up our geese control plan. Each of these practices can contain any number of strategies: 

Landscape management 

Turf treatments 

  • Feeding repellents 
  • Irritants 
  • Methyl anthraniliate hazing 


  • Lasers 
  • Pyrotechnics 
  • Drones and Remote Control Boats 

Population management

  • Round-up and relocation 
  • Egg oiling or egg and nest removal

 Like many bird species, Canadian geese are a federally protected species, so it is very important that a pest or wildlife control technician is aware of the laws and permits necessary to complete the management procedures listed above.

Bird control services

There’s no need to feel discouraged if you believe to have a bird infestation on your property. Ehrlich technicians are knowledgeable and trained to deal with variety of bird issues. Call us for a free quote a1-800-837-5520 or contact us online.

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