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Buffalo Exterminating

Buffalo Exterminating is now Ehrlich Pest Control, your local pest control expert in the Buffalo, NY area. Ehrlich is a division of Rentokil North America, one of the world leaders in pest control services. Moving forward, we will continue to offer the same high quality of pest control services that we delivered as Buffalo Exterminating.

Rentokil brands help customers all over the world eliminate pest problems, and in the United States, we work with residential and commercial customers to meet their specific needs. Although we are a global company, we are dedicated to gaining an understanding of the local pest pressures that our customers face. We are excited about working one-on-one with customers to tackle their individual issues.

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Buffalo Exterminating history and service areas

Operating since 1954, Buffalo Exterminating has been around for a long time and has gained a great deal of experience in getting rid of pests. We understand pests can be a cause of concern in both homes and businesses and we will talk to you to learn more about the difficulties you are encountering and provide the best solution. Buffalo Exterminating covers areas such as:

  • Buffalo
  • Amherst
  • Orchard Park
  • Cheektowaga
  • Niagara Falls
  • West Seneca
  • Tonawanda
  • Lockport
  • Grand Island
  • Wheatfield

Buffalo Exterminating wildlife control services

We know wildlife can sometimes clash with humans, whether this involves damage to crops or buildings. At times, these animals need to be removed, and Buffalo Exterminating can help. We conduct animal removal in a humane way, handling critters such as molesrodentsraccoons and skunks. If wildlife is beginning to create issues at your home or business, contact us to find out more about how we can help.

Buffalo Exterminating commercial pest control services

Pests can hinder the operation of a business, make your property look unclean, and could even bring on health risks. They can also create structural damage. Perhaps even more importantly, the presence of pests can damage your positive image with the public. For these reasons, you should reach out to Buffalo Exterminating to find out more about our commercial pest control services. We can develop a pest management plan for your business that helps prevent unwanted creatures and the problems that they create.

Buffalo Exterminating pest control services

Buffalo Exterminator helps get rid of other pests as well, such as bed bugs. Bed bugs are quite infamous and can be hard to find. They can devastate the reputation of a business when they infest the premises and are spotted by customers. Bed bugs can gain entry when people travel and bring these pests back home on luggage, or they can even get inside when you introduce used furniture inside. If you have spotted signs of bed bugs, you should contact a pest control professional rather than trying to eradicate the bugs on your own. Buffalo Exterminating can help you both get rid of, and prevent, bed bugs.

Mice and rats can bring on significant issues at your property. These rodents can transmit disease and gnaw on objects, which can damage furniture and equipment. Mice and rats can also be intimidating. Buffalo Exterminating takes rodents seriously and will use the proper control methods to get rid of them.

Ants are another common pest. Carpenter ants, for example, create tunnels in wood, which could result in structural damage. We can pinpoint where the ant colonies are found and eliminate the ants so they are gone.

Stinging insects, such as carpenter bees and yellow jackets, can also pose problems. Carpenter bees make tunnels in wood, and yellow jackets stings can be painful. Do not attempt to remove stinging insects yourself. It’s important to contact a stinging insect professional, such as Buffalo Exterminating, right away when you see they have taken up residence at your home or business.

As you probably know, mosquitoes can bite, and the bites itch. We understand how pesky they can be and identify the locations where mosquitoes are prone to nest to ensure they are eradicated.

Buffalo Exterminating today

As Ehrlich, Buffalo Exterminating will work with every customer to determine the best way to address the pest control issue in question. We will follow through until the problem is eliminated and our specialists are trustworthy and equipped to handle a variety of issues. Additionally, we also offer the PestFree365+ plan, which provides regular service at your home to help prevent household pests. It’s a great way to keep those unwanted invaders out.

Call the new Buffalo Exterminating servicing office today at 800-837-5520.

Buffalo Exterminating, now part of Ehrlich, your local pest control experts!

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