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LR Pest Elimination Services

LR Pest Elimination Services is now Ehrlich Pest Control, providing effective and reliable pest control solutions for Vermont. Ehrlich is part of Rentokil, the world's largest commercial pest control company.

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LR Pest Elimination history

In 1983, Ron Hier founded LR Pest Elimination Services, which provides integrated pest management solutions to residents and business owners in Vermont. LR Pest Elimination Services dedicated itself to using a more proactive approach to eliminating current pest issues and preventing them in the future. This includes reducing pesticide usage and only using them when necessary. 

Located in Essex Junction, we are just minutes away from Burlington, VT. LR Pest Elimination Services employees are members of the community, so we are familiar with the pest control issues Vermont residents typically face. This means we can provide home and business owners with pest control solutions quickly. 

We also pride ourselves as an industry leader in commercial pest control. We provide commercial pest control solutions to schools and day cares, healthcare and industrial facilities. 

LR Pest Elimination Services provides insect, rodent, store product pests, bird and wildlife control. We can also train your business personnel and provide sanitation consultations. 

LR Pest Elimination Services today

In 2012, LR Pest Elimination Services became part of the JC Ehrlich family of companies. Ehrlich is part of the Rentokil global family of pest control companies that provides quality service to commercial and residential customers in Burlington, VT and surrounding areas.

To get pest control solutions for your home or business call us at 800-837-5520.

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