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Pest control in York, PA

Since 1928, Ehrlich has been protecting homes and businesses in Pennsylvania with customized pest control solutions. The York district is bordered by the Susquehanna River to the east and Gettysburg to the southwest. Our specialists are local, and know all of the variables that contribute to local pest activity, particularly the cool, rainy springs and humid summers of the northeast United States. Our knowledge of the area can help diagnose any pest problem bugging you.

Using an integrated approach, we address your entire property, focusing on pest prevention, removal and exclusion—all backed by our customer satisfaction guarantee. Our certified and licensed specialists effectively eliminate common pests, such as ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, fleas, flies, micemosquitoesrats, spiders, ticks, wasps, and more. We also offer eco-friendly solutions to give you peace of mind that your family, pets and home are protected. No matter what your pest problem may be, Ehrlich has the solution. Let us help you today.

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Our local York team of exterminators provides expert pest control services to communities in the York, Gettysburg and Hanover area.

  • Our 21 pest and termite control technicians have 278 combined years of experience.
  • 38 colleagues work in our York office and live in the communities they serve.

We are very proud of the Ehrlich reputation for customer service in York and Adams communities. We hope you will give us the opportunity to satisfy your needs.

We are also proud to have been a Top 5 finalist (Southeast Region) for the 2013 PA Community Impact Award!

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Professional insect exterminators

In our local area, we experience a lot of problems with a variety of pests, including ants, spiders, stink bugs, bees and bed bugs to name just a few. We have a wide range of treatments, control programs and preventative measures which can help you keep any pest problem under control.

Termite control York, PA

Termites are a problem in most places. They are not technically dangerous to people, but they can cause tremendous and costly damage to your property. Termites can create huge colonies around floor joists, wooden structures, decks and other areas of your home without you even realizing they are there. If your property has been infested by termites, you may notice the floors getting spongy or wood that crumbles in your hand.

Contact the experts at Ehrlich for a complete property inspection. We are the local York termite experts you can trust to find termite hiding places and get rid of an infestation, plus prevent their return. Schedule a property inspection today.

Spider control in York, PA

Spiders can make your property look dirty and a bit shabby. It doesn't take long for a few spiders to become a full blown infestation. Their webs collect leaves, dust and, of course, the husks of insects that the spiders have eaten. Luckily, in this part of the country there are very few spiders that pose a bite or health risk to people.

Ehrlich trains our specialists to provide the most effective spider control services in York, PA. Our pest specialists live, as well as work, right in the area, so we can get there fast and seek out the places where spiders have set up their webs. Even if your spider problem is in your crawlspace, basement or hidden away in the attic, we will remove the webs and their residents and stop them from returning.

Contact us to schedule a free property inspection and get rid of the spiders today.

Specialist pest control Services in York, Pennsylvania

We specialize in pest and termite control for your home or business. It is reported that each year an average 1 in every 30 home in the U.S will suffer a termite infestation. In fact, termite damage costs U.S. homeowners more than $5 billion per year. We also provide numerous wildlife management programs, which include groundhogs, skunks, squirrels, possums and more.

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