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Top 10 House Pests

Do you want to know which are the most common pests found around the home?

Take a look at Ehrlich's list of the Top 10 Pests most commonly found in U.S. properties.

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Common house insects

When you think of house pests, insects may be the first critters that come to mind. After all, who likes seeing ants or flies infesting their home? Other common house insects include feared pests such as termites, bed bugs and cockroaches. Although you may dislike spiders as well, they do not fall under the insects category. Ehrlich specialists can help you get rid of a variety of insects so your property is protected. When we get involved, insects won’t get the best of you.

Home bugs control

Home bugs can be a huge pain, and in some cases they can even be dangerous to your health (think flies), or dangerous to your property (wood-eating termites). It is wise to take care of a home bug problem as soon as possible before it escalates into a serious issue. Letting a professional fight against pests is the ideal way to get rid of them, as combatting bugs by yourself is not likely to work quite as well. At Ehrlich, we are the experts in home insect control and we will do away with insects and make sure they do not pay your home another visit.



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