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Rentokil announces agreement to acquire the Steritech Group, Inc.

READING, Pa., Sept 1, 2015 — Rentokil, one of North America’s largest pest control companies, today announces it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire the Steritech Group, Inc., based in Charlotte, NC, subject to regulatory approval.

For almost 30 years, Steritech has been known for providing environmentally friendly pest elimination services delivered by highly trained specialists who are committed to exemplary customer service. Clients view Steritech as a trusted partner who can protect their brands from traditional pest problems and help develop and maintain programs to ensure a consistent and positive brand experience for their customers.

As one of the leading pest control companies, and a leading provider of brand standards auditing services in North America, Steritech will enable Rentokil to offer its performance enhancing suite of brand standards services to leading customer brands not only in North America but around the world.

The acquisition will make Rentokil the number three pest control business in the US, a key strategic market for Rentokil that accounts for approximately 50 percent of global pest control services.

On completion, Rentokil will also become the third largest pest control company in Canada, creating a competitive national business, twice the size of its current Canadian operations.

North America will become the largest market in Rentokil Initial’s global footprint.

John Myers, President and CEO of Rentokil North America, said “I am obviously delighted that Steritech has decided to join forces with us, and I am excited about the opportunities for these two fantastic businesses together. The addition of Steritech to our already strong base will build a best of breed capability that will take us to new heights. Steritech has great people, with technical and service capabilities that will blend excellently with ours.”

Rich Ennis, CEO of Steritech, commented: “Steritech’s success has largely been based on great people delivering world class service to customers. Rentokil’s strong culture and focus on people make it the perfect fit for Steritech and its customers. I believe that the future is bright for the new organization and its customers.”

About Rentokil North America

Rentokil North America is part of Rentokil Initial plc, one of the world’s largest and most diverse business service companies, operating in more than 60 countries worldwide. Ehrlich Pest Control (www.jcehrlich.com), Western Exterminator (www.westernexterminator.com), and Presto-X Pest Control (www.prestox.com) are all part of the Rentokil family of pest control companies in North America. They provide commercial and residential pest control, bioremediation, bird control, vegetation management, deer repellent services, wild-animal trapping and termite control from more than 200 local offices in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

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