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Rentokil acquires A-Active Termite Control

Reading, PA, Mar. 13, 2014 – Rentokil North America, a division of Rentokil Initial plc,   announced today it is again expanding its footprint with a further addition  to its pest control portfolio. The company has acquired A-Active Termite and Pest Control Company, a 46-year old company based in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  This decision was announced on February 28, 2014 at the Rentokil Initial Preliminary Results for 2013 where the company identified North America as a key growth market. This acquisition will make it possible to deliver an even wider range of expert residential and commercial pest control services in high density locations.  

“I am extremely pleased that we are bringing such an outstanding company with a passion for excellence into the Rentokil family,”  said John Myers, president and CEO of Rentokil North America.  “We will be diligently working with the A-Active team to ensure customers not only receive the excellent service they have been accustomed to, but can now enjoy the additional advantages of  the being part of a leading innovator in the pest control industry.”

A-Active, established in 1967, has a strong footprint in the Southeastern region of Virginia. A-Active is an award winning company that has consistently ranked in the top 25 companies in Virginia Business Magazine’s Best Places to Work List and prides itself on its local approach to effective pest management.

“The A-Active/Rentokil merger joins the forces of two culturally compatible, people-centric organizations that will continue to create expanded opportunities for our customers and employees alike,” said Kevin Kordek, president of A-Active Termite & Pest Control.

"In looking to grow the Rentokil North America pest control business, the first thing we seek are companies committed to being experts in their local regions, with a clear and proven focus on customer service,” added Myers. “We have found a perfect fit with  A-Active and its people, all who exhibit an innovative spirit and culture of performance."

Rentokil North America currently ranks as the third largest pest control provider in the country according to PCT Magazine.  

About Rentokil North America

Ehrlich Pest Control (www.jcehrlich.com), Western Exterminator (www.westernexterminator.com), and Presto-X Pest Control (www.prestox.com) are all part of the Rentokil family of pest control companies in North America. They provide commercial and residential pest control, bioremediation, bird control, vegetation management, deer repellent services, wild-animal trapping and termite control from more than 150 local offices in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Rentokil is the world’s largest commercial pest control company, operating in 50 countries worldwide. For more information, visit https://www.rentokil.com/us/

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