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Ehrlich Pest Control Predicts 6 Pest Trends for 2020

Reading, Pa. (December 3, 2019) – Hindsight may be 2020, but when it comes to pests in 2020, pest control provider J.C. Ehrlich is looking forward to help homeowners defend against pest infestation. Using field observations and data, Ehrlich's entomologists have forecast these six pest predictions for the new year.

More Mice. Mouse populations are booming as warming winters allow them to survive and breed. With above-average temperatures predicted for this winter, mice will continue to invade homes year-round.

Homeowner action: Seal ¼-inch or larger cracks on the exterior of your home.

Meet the Spotted Lanternfly. An invasive species found in Pennsylvania in 2014, the spotted lanternfly is an agricultural pest. Despite quarantines, it has spread to neighboring states – with more at risk in 2020.

What can homeowners do? Squash the insects and scrape egg masses from trees. Report sightings to your department of agriculture.

Beware Stinging Pests. Warmer winters are increasing stinging pest activity. Female yellow jackets and hornets can overwinter in structures and voids. As soon as temperatures warm, they emerge, ready to start populations.

Homeowner action: Have a pest control service performed at the first sign of activity.

Increasing Tick Encounters. Human and pet contact with ticks is on the rise. There were nearly 50,000 cases of tick-borne disease reported in 2018, such as Lyme disease and Powassan virus.

Homeowner action: Wear an EPA-approved insect repellent, long-sleeved pants and shirts, and socks when in areas where ticks are active. Perform tick checks after spending time outdoors.

Mosquito Onslaught. Prepare for another busy mosquito season in 2020. If winter and early spring are relatively warm and wet, conditions will be ideal for mosquito development and activity.

Homeowner action: Wear an EPA-approved insect repellent when outdoors and remove standing water from your property to decrease risk of contracting mosquito-borne disease.

Formosan Termites on the March. There is evidence that Formosan subterranean termites, voracious eaters found in parts of the Southeast, are moving north. Claims for Formosan damage have also increased.

Homeowner action: Be aware of this species and have termite protection in place. Formosans can quickly cause extensive damage.

With these predictions, homeowners can evaluate their current pest control plan to ensure they have the coverage needed to protect their home and family from pests in 2020.


About Ehrlich pest control:

Julius C. Ehrlich founded Ehrlich Pest Control in 1928 in Reading, PA. Today, Ehrlich has grown to more than 50 local offices serving the Eastern U.S. In addition to general pest control service, the company offers termite control, integrated bird management services, vegetation management, and bioremediation services. Ehrlich is part of Rentokil Steritech, a Rentokil North America company.

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