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Welcome to Ehrlich Newark! Our 25 licensed Technicians are passionate about meeting the needs of pest control customers throughout the Newark area and nearby cities, including Elizabeth and Jersey City.

We have the best-trained Newark area pest control specialists and are 100% committed to responding quickly to our customers' pest concerns. All Ehrlich Technicians live in the communities they serve and are extremely knowledgeable about pests in northern New Jersey.

Newark pest control means having specialists who can spot where pests are getting in and where they are nesting. That includes finding where rodents are entering, distinguishing termites from ants and helping with pests such as spiders and mosquitoes. We will get rid of these pests, and more, and provide pest protection that will prevent them from returning.

To schedule a FREE pest inspection, contact us online or call 800-837-5520 today.

Newark, NJ pest control reviews

Bed bug control for Newark, NJ

In Newark, just like the rest of the world, bed bugs are a part of life. They were nearly wiped out in North America at one point, but these days they have come back stronger than ever. Thankfully, for Newark businesses and homes, there's Ehrlich bed bug control specialists.

Technically speaking, bed bugs are not dangerous. They do not inject venom and they are not known to be disease vectors. Knowing that, however, does nothing for your sense of well being when you start noticing the telltale red bite marks on your body as you wake up in the morning. Bed bugs hide in the tiniest places, are hard to see, and just missing a few of them can start a whole knew infestation.

Ehrlich bed bug control specialists are right in Newark, NJ, so we can provide fast, reliable, local pest control service. Whether you own a business or you're a homeowner we will work with you to find where the bed bugs are, using the latest methods and techniques, and then come up with a comprehensive bed bug removal plan that will eliminate them at any life stage.

Contact Ehrlich today so we can remove bed bugs from your property and help prevent them from returning.

Rat control for Newark, NJ

Rats are dirty and are known to carry numerous diseases. They will bite, too, if you aren't careful. They leave greasy spots on the walls, will gladly walk through garbage and other nastiness, will eat your food right out of your pantry. Plus, they can breed quickly, which means that your home or business could be looking at a rat infestation very fast if you don't take care of the problem early.

Fortunately, there is a Newark rat control specialist not too far from where you are. We're Ehrlich and we have been helping businesses and homes across Newark and New Jersey take care of rat control problems for decades. We will work with you, your employees and your family to make sure that we come up with a rodent removal and control solution that will work for you.

If you own a business, rats or rodents can ruin your reputation, especially if spotted in the kitchen or where customers can see them. So, don't wait. Contact Ehrlich today and get a property inspection and rat control solution right away.

Commercial pest control in Newark

Businesses have pest control problems, too. Depending on what kind of business you have, a pest control problem can be an issue that ruins your reputation, creates health code violations or gets the health department to shut you down. Thankfully, businesses in Newark need only contact Ehrlich for effective pest control solutions.

Ehrlich pest control specialists understand that your business is important and that the last thing you want to worry about are pest issues. Whether the problem is rodents like rats or mice, insects like cockroaches or ants, or other issues, we can find out how the pests are getting in. We will help you make sure they are removed and then prevent them from returning.

If you own a hotelrestaurantfood retail business, or have a business that requires completely clean rooms to ensure product purity, we have solutions that will work. Just contact your Newark pest control specialist at Ehrlich today for a property inspection and pest control plan.

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