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Top 5 East Coast cities for termites

As spring slowly approaches, it’s time to start thinking about termite season. Termites are one of the costliest pests on the planet. Although they are not poisonous and don’t present significant health risks, termites cause costly damage to homes and businesses all around the world. This is because termites devour wood for the cellulose, which weakens wooden structures.

Ehrlich Pest Control Technicians are experts in termite behavior and activity. We get frequent calls about termite removal and prevention for both businesses and homes. But which are the top 5 cities for termites? Ehrlich takes a look at the places in which we see the most termite activity.

If you, however, find termite damage or the signs of termites, you need to contact your local Ehrlich Pest Control office to stop the damage and remove the termite infestation.

5. Harrisburg, PA

top 5 cities for termites

Harrisburg is the capital of the state of Pennsylvania and is located very close to the Blue Mountain portion of the Appalachian Mountain range. Just to the west of the city is the Cumberland Valley. What’s the one thing all of these things have in common? Lots of trees, which is exactly what termites love. Once people start building their homes in wooded areas, termites start chomping away at wooden structures in buildings and homes. As the 15th largest city in the state, it has a lot of buildings and homes crammed into one place, which makes it easy for termites to spread.

4. Hagerstown, MD

top 5 cities for termites

The county seat of Washington County and located not far from Pennsylvania, Hagerstown has a unique topography. There’s a lot of limestone in the area, with limestone cliffs and ridges running right through the center of town. While this means many of the original homes built in Hagerstown are constructed from limestone, there’s still a lot of wood there. There are plenty of wooded areas, trees, mud, vegetation and other organic things which termites love.

3. Reading, PA

top 5 cities for termites

Ehrlich knows the city of Reading, PA, very well. It’s the perfect melding of urban and rural, which is ideal for termites. Large colonies of termites can grow in untouched wooded areas, then flying termites slowly spread to yards and then to homes and businesses. Reading is the county seat of Berks County and the fifth largest city in all of Pennsylvania. This means there are plenty of wooden things for termites to eat, which is why termites like Reading so much.

2. Tampa, FL

top 5 cities for termites

Located on the West Coast of the state of Florida, Tampa is the largest city in the Tampa Bay area. The humid weather and increased moisture in the air makes it the exact perfect spot for termites who love moisture like subterranean termites. The large population inhabiting a relatively small space is just the recipe for a thriving termite environment. The pests are able to start spreading throughout homes and business across the city quite quickly.

1. Virginia Beach, VA

top 5 cities for termites

The most populous city in the entire state of Virginia, this city is right on the coast. Known for its boardwalk, Virginia Beach is probably most famous for its beaches and access to the Atlantic ocean. However, once you get away from the ocean, you start to run into homes made of wood, surrounded by lots of nature. The humid, subtropical climate is also perfect for termites to thrive and this can lead to quickly growing infestations. These infestations can cause tremendous damage to wooden buildings, frames, and businesses, too.

Ehrlich Pest Control gets rid of termites

If you have found spongy wooden flooring, discarded wings or other signs of a termite infestation, you might be looking at costly repairs. Termites are sneaky and often property owners don’t even realize termites have infested until the damage is too severe. This can lead to property and areas with multiple infestations which are hard to find and get rid of entirely.

Ehrlich Pest Control specialists will inspect your home and throughout your property to find the places where termites have nested. We can tell if the damage you’ve spotted is from termites or some other pest. Plus, Ehrlich Technicians know which termite removal method will get rid of termites during all of their life stages. This is important to get rid of termite colonies and prevent them from returning.

If you have termites, no matter what eastern city you live in, then contact your local Ehrlich Pest Control office near you to discuss our termite treatments today.

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