5 Step Guide: Checking your hotel for bed bugs


If you’ll be traveling this holiday season, there’s one pest issue you’ll want to keep on your radar: bed bugs. These biting pests have become well-established throughout North America, and they can infest businesses as well as homes. Hotels, in particular, are prone to bed bug activity.

You may get a good sense of whether or not a hotel has had problems with bed bugs by checking out online reviews before you book. However, that’s no guarantee.

When checking into a hotel, don’t be afraid to conduct an inspection of your room to look for bed bug issues. Our infographic gives you five quick inspection tips to help put your mind at ease.

If you have already found bed bugs in your home or anywhere else from prior travels, contact your local Ehrlich Pest Control specialist to set up a property inspection and to discuss treatment options.



If you do find bed bugs, you’ll need to use your best judgment on what to do. You could ask for a new room at the hotel or leave the property altogether. The presence of bed bugs in one room may not mean that the entire hotel has a problem. You may wish to ask questions of the manager to see if the property has had previous bed bug issues, which may help you make your decision.

If you choose to stay, most hotels will re-book you into a new room immediately. Be sure to ask for a new room that is not to either side or above or below the room with the bed bug problem, as these are the rooms where a bed bug problem could most easily spread.

For any bed bug problems you might be experiencing now, Ehrlich has methods to treat your home and property to get rid of bed bugs and also advice on how to prevent them from returning. Contact Ehrlich today.

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