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Annapolis, MD, is the capital of Maryland and is located not far from Washington, D.C. As a world-renowned city that receives visitors and tourists from around the world, it has pest control problems like other cities. It is a city rich in history and architecture, but it's also a city that gets cockroaches, pest birds, bed bugs, mice, rats and other pests.

Fortunately for Annapolis area homeowners and business owners, there is a local Ehrlich Pest Control office nearby who can help. Our highly trained, licensed and certified pest control specialists know how to inspect your home and property to find where pests are getting inside, where they are hiding and how to get rid of them. Plus, our Annapolis pest control specialists offer advice and solutions to prevent pest infestations in the future.

We can help homes, but we also help businesses. Our Annapolis commercial pest control specialists help with hotels, restaurants, offices, schools, warehouses and other commercial properties to get rid of pests and prevent pest infestations. We take your business seriously and make sure to provide reliable, professional pest commercial pest control service.

If you have a pest control problem for your business or home, contact your local Ehrlich Pest Control office in Annapolis by using our online contact form or calling 301-516-0682.

Kevin Davis

Area District Manager in Annapolis, MD

Kevin Davis became the District Manager for Annapolis. in 2017, after acting as Operations Manager in West Chester, PA. As an Operations Manager with Steritech, Kevin joined the Rentokil family in the 2015 merger. Like the pest specialists in his district, Kevin is no newcomer to the pest control industry. This marks his 19th year in Pest Control.

Annapolis, MD pest control reviews

Bed bug control Annapolis, MD

Bed bugs are a real problem for homes and business around Annapolis, MD. This is because the city is one that receives people from around the world, and hotels, restaurants and other businesses run the risk of people bringing bed bugs into the establishment and creating a bed bug infestation. Homes also run the risk of bed bugs since they create a infestation quickly and it only takes a couple bed bugs to create a problem.

Bed bugs need a blood meal and can hide in the smallest places, sneaking out in the middle of the night to feed. You may see bites on your arms or other areas of your body in a line or close grouping. You may also see blood spots, shed skins or bed bug fecal spots, too. However, finding all of the insects on your own to get rid of bed bugs is very difficult.

Don't try to get rid of bed bugs in your home or business on your own. Contact the Ehrlich bed bug control experts today.

Spider control in Annapolis, MD

Spiders are one of the things people fear the most. Arachnophobia is a real thing and some people are more afraid of these eight-legged arachnids than they are of going to the dentist or being trapped in an elevator. However, spiders are often beneficial around homes and on properties, but they can become an infestation and too many spiders is a problem.

Spiders are not usually dangerous to people, but sometimes people who wander into webs or disturb spiders can get spider bites. Spiders in the house are often symptomatic of other pest problems such as flies, gnats, moths and other insects because spiders build their webs in areas where they can find the most food.

Ehrlich Pest Control spider control specialists in Annapolis, MD, can help you get rid of spiders, get rid of webs and offer solution to prevent spiders from coming back.

Cockroach control in Annapolis

No one wants to turn on the lights in their home, such as the kitchen or bathroom, and see the hard-shelled bodies of cockroaches running for cover. Cockroaches are one of the oldest pests in the world and have been around since the time dinosaurs roamed the planet. This means cockroaches are very hard to get rid of and are very adaptable, which is why they are one of the most enduring pests for homes or businesses.

Ehrlich Pest Control cockroach specialists know the tricks roaches use to hide. During our property inspection, we track down where cockroaches hide and what species of cockroach are causing the infestation. We use effective cockroach removal methods to get rid of roaches and offer advice you can use to prevent cockroaches in the future.

Your local Annapolis cockroach control specialist in Annapolis, MD, is ready to help with our local pest control experts.



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