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Ehrlich Pest Control in Albany, NY

Since 1928, Ehrlich has been protecting homes and businesses in New York with customized pest control solutions. The Albany district covers eastern New York, including Albany, Schenectady, and Sarasota Springs, and stretches east to Springfield, MA. Our specialists are local, and know all of the variables that contribute to local pest activity, particularly the cool, rainy springs and humid summers of the northeast United States. Our knowledge of the area can help diagnose any pest problem bugging you.

Using an integrated approach, we address your entire property, focusing on pest prevention, removal and exclusion—all backed by our customer satisfaction guarantee. Our certified and licensed specialists effectively eliminate common pests, such as ticks, mosquitoes, bed bugs, ants, cockroaches, mice, rats, spiders, wasps, hornets, yellow-jackets, fleas, flies and more. We also offer eco-friendly solutions to give you peace of mind that your family, pets and home are protected. No matter what your pest problem may be, Ehrlich has the solution. Let us help you today.

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Welcome to Ehrlich Pest Control Albany. We are the specialists in pest control solutions of businesses and homes across the region. Our local Albany team of Pest and Termite Control Technicians service:

  • Albany
  • Saratoga
  • Warren
  • Washington
  • Rensselaer
  • Greene
  • Schenectady
  • Delaware
  • Fulton
  • Montgomery
  • Columbia Counties in New York
  • Western Massachusetts
  • Vermont

We have 16 colleagues in the Albany Office and each lives in the communities that they service. All of our pest control specialists in Albany are trained in the latest tools and method of pest treatment and prevention. We can help with bed bugs, cockroaches, birds, spiders, ants and more.

We are very proud of the Ehrlich reputation for service excellence. We hope you will allow us the opportunity to handle your pest control needs. The first step is to contact us and let us know what pest control issue you might be having and set up an inspection of your property.

Bill Minahan

Area District Manager of Ehrlich Pest Control in Albany

"I have been in the pest management industry for more than 20 years; the thing I enjoy the most about working at Ehrlich is our commitment to quality service delivered through our exceptionally well trained and professional local colleagues."

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Bed bug control Albany, NY

Bed bugs need to feed on the warm blood of mammals to survive and have a preference for human blood. Bed bugs hide in the creases of mattresses, cracks in bed posts, in carpeting, in sofas and chairs. The parasitic creatures have even been found behind pictures and inside electrical sockets.

Bed bugs feed at night, which is often why people often have no idea if they have them until you wake up in the morning with bite marks.

Ehrlich has a team of bed bug control specialists located in the Albany, NY, area. If you have an issue, we can get to your home or business fast. Our licensed specialists use the latest methods to find where bed bugs are hiding. We utilize treatments to eliminate the pests during any life stage. Our specialists have options to use both chemical and non-chemical treatments.

Ehrlich's Albany bed bug specialists are ready to help right now. Protect your business and your family from bed bug infestations by contacting the experts today.

Cockroach control Albany, NY

Cockroaches are not pleasant insects to find. As they are fond of feeding on things like garbage and decaying material, cockroaches can bring bacteria and other contagions into your property. The fact that cockroaches are commonly found wandering across counter tops and kitchen surfaces makes them an even greater menace.

Our specialists know that businesses and homes all across the region have to deal with cockroach problems all the time. Over the years, customers in the area have come to know Ehrlich as Albany's cockroach removal and prevention experts.

Cockroaches are very good at hiding, setting up nests out of sight, and breeding fast. Ehrlich cockroach experts will find the source of the infestation and provide a solution that will eliminate the pests quickly.

Commercial pest control for Albany

If you own or run a business, pests can be a problem. For food processing companies or restaurants, pests like insects and rodents can lead to serious health problems. If you own a hospitality business, then bed bugs or cockroaches can be a problem that will ruin your reputation. Other businesses require sterile environments that even the smallest of flies can ruin.

Ehrlich commercial pest control specialists are ready to help. Just call us and we will do a full site inspection. Our pest control experts are trained to spot all of the places where pests can get into your facility.

Many businesses in Albany rely on Ehrlich Pest Control for their pest control needs. We provide year round protection that enforces effective pest control prevention. We stop infestations before they can start. Contact us today.

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