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Yellow jacket control

Yellow jackets are aggressive stinging insects that are commonly encountered throughout the United States in the summer and fall. Builders of large ball-shaped nests, yellow jackets earn their namesake for their typical black and yellow colors.

As is the case with many other types of wasps, yellow jackets in general are viewed as very beneficial creatures. Yellow jackets feed on arthropods like ants that can potentially become pests.  However, yellow jackets can inflict a painful sting on humans if disturbed. 

Individual yellow jackets can sting a victim multiple times. For some people, yellow jacket stings can be life threatening. 

Do not attempt to remove the nest yourself as yellow jacket removal should always be left to trained professionals. Call 1-800-837-5520 or contact Ehrlich online to request a free inspection of your property. 

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Yellow jacket nests

Yellow jackets build spherical nests that grow to the size of a basketball or larger. Unlike paper wasps who only build their nests above ground, yellow jackets will build both aerial and underground nesting sites. Nests can grow to more than 15,000 members in some species. 

Aerial yellow jacket nests can be found in many different places in or around a home, including: 

  • Structural voids on homes
  • Sheds
  • Garages
  • Shrubs
  • Bushes

Yellow jacket stings most often occur when homeowners attempt to remove nests themselves. We strongly recommend relying on the expertise of a pest control professional to remove yellow jacket nests. 

Yellow jacket removal services

Property owners can count on their local Ehrlich pest experts to deliver yellow jacket removal services that are both safe and effective. 

  • Inspection - When you contact Ehrlich, a Technician will be scheduled to conduct a full inspection and confirm if your property has in fact been infested by yellow jackets or some other stinging pest.

  • Treatment Recommendation - The Technician will then make a treatment recommendation to the customer once a thorough inspection of the premises and yard is completed. The Technician will recommend treatment solutions that have shown to successfully get rid of yellow jackets. The customer will receive a quote for services and the Technician will answer any questions the customer has. 

  • Yellow Jacket Removal - Once the services are agreed upon with the customer, the Technician will carry out the task of treating all nests on the property wearing protective stinging insect gear. If the yellow jackets on the property have built an aerial nest, the Technician will use an extension pole to treat the nests. Once it has been confirmed that all adult yellow jackets have been eliminated, the Technician will remove the nest.  



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