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Read our blog to discover how our year-round pest protection plan keeps your home safe from over 36 pests.

Keep historic and older homes safe from rodents

The architectural elements of older homes can attract rodents. Learn how to keep historic homes safe from rodents.

Keep pantry pests out of your holiday baking

Are you a holiday baker? You probably don’t want to include pantry pests as one of your main ingredients. We can help you avoid pantry pests.

12 tips for keeping your food safe this holiday season

Avoid food contamination & food safety issues by following our holiday food safety guide. Take a look at our infographic for more info.

Is that yellow spider a Joro spider?

Want to know if that yellow spider is a Joro spider? Ehrlich lists out characteristics of yellow spiders and how to identify them.

What do rats attack?

Rats are more commonly known for transmitting diseases, but they can attack humans and mammals under certain circumstances.

Got mice? How to get rid of these pests when mouse traps don’t work

Having mice in your home is frustrating, but what happens when your mouse traps don't work properly? Our experts explain what to do

Are rodents the most expensive tenants you’ll have?

Rodent damage can result in costly repairs if you don't take action. Find out what mice and rats can do to your home.

Prevention tips for keeping fall invaders out of your home

Pests will move into your home where they can stay warm and cozy until spring. Use these prevention tips for fall pests to keep them out.

3 reasons you don’t want flies anywhere near your food

Flies are known to to be dirty pests, and you don't want them in your kitchen. There are three main reasons why you don't want flies on food.

5 ways to spot a pest infestation in your home or business

Think you might have a pest problem? There are 5 signs of a pest infestation that you should be aware of, regardless of your problem.

5 myths about ants debugged

When it comes to do-it-yourself ant control, there are a lot of myths out there about how to get rid of ants. Our experts debug 5 of them.

Worms that’ll make ya jump, jump

Asian jumping worms are an invasive species and are considered to be bad for the environment. Learn what to do if you spot one in your yard.