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How to get rid of moles in your yard

There is little that can be done to prevent moles entering an area. They often move in from adjacent wooded areas. Moles are good swimmers and lakes, streams or ponds present no barrier to their movement.

There are plenty of old DIY methods that people try to employ to get rid of moles in their yards and gardens, but most of these have no scientific support whatsoever. These include:

  • Flooding mole tunnels with a hose 
  • Pouring castor oil down the tunnels

TIP YOU CAN TRUST: Reduce the main food source of moles by removing moss and weeds that earthworms are known to feed on. Cutting your grass and performing regular garden maintenance will make your yard less attractive to moles and other pests like mice

Professional yard mole removal

Although moles do not present a concern of transmitting disease to humans or pets, professional mole removal is recommended if you've seen moles present in your yard. Mole populations can quickly grow and a small mole problem can quickly get out of control. 

If you need to get rid of the moles on your property, Ehrlich has the expertise to help.

Ehrlich offers effective mole trapping solutions that are both effective and humane.

Our state-certified technicians understand the habits of moles enabling highly targeted treatments. 

If you would like professional help with your mole problem, talk to one of our helpful experts by calling 1-800-837-5520 or contact us online

Mole holes in yard or lawn

It’s unlikely that you will ever see moles as they rarely venture above ground, but the irritating evidence of their existence on your property (mole holes) is hard to miss:

  • Mole hills are the name given to fresh mounds of earth that spring up overnight on lawns and other grassy areas.

  • Newly formed mole hills will have loose, damp soil between the blades of grass, whereas the soil on older hills will have become flatter and more compacted.

  • Distinctive raised ridges are also caused by the extensive tunneling of moles.

  • Mole tunnels disturb roots and can hinder growth in crops, flowering plants and lawn areas.

  • Tunneling by moles will bring stones up to the surface which may damage lawn mowers and other lawn care equipment.

  • The very uneven ground caused by raised ridges and mole hills can cause pets or livestock to fall and become injured.



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