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Mice control and removal

Mice have been plaguing humans for about as long as humans have been around. They are notorious for infesting homes and buildings thanks to their ability to slip through the smallest of entry points. Mice should be a concern for any property owner due to their capacity to spread disease and their destructive eating habits.

Mice bring with them a number of health risks including:

  • Various mouse-related diseases
  • Parasites such as ticks or fleas
  • Fire hazards due to wire-chewing and fraying
  • Mouse urine and feces, which can also carry disease

Mice are more than just a nuisance. They can make people sick and should be removed from homes as quickly as possible. For businesses, mice can cause serious inventory loss, property damage and also pose health risks for any food-bases business.

Ehrlich technicians are highly proficient at identifying mouse infestations in homes or businesses. We track down the entry points and seal them up. We seek out the nests and eliminate them. Our mouse control experts will remove the mice already inside your property and then make sure they don't come back. When it comes to the right type of mice control, we offer you solutions that will work for your needs to get rid of mice infestations and keep them away.

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Professional mouse control solutions

For over 85 years, Ehrlich has been the experts in mice control. Mouse control means more than just setting traps. It means using the decades of experience we have to prevent future infestations as well as eliminating ongoing problems with rodents. We seek out the entry points so that they can be sealed up and removed, thus preventing them from returning. This is part of our integrated pest management service that helps us keep pests away from your property.

How does Ehrlich’s mouse control service work? Your Technician will begin by conducting an exhaustive inspection of the premises, including surveying the hard-to-reach places that mice like to use to build their nests.

Your Technician will then consult with you about the best way to take care of your mouse infestation. We use a variety of methods to eliminate mice, from traps to bait stations. We strive to stay on top of the latest technology to make sure that we have the most effective mouse removal services in the industry. Don't live with mice, get mice control solutions that will get rid of the rodents today and stop them from coming back in the future.

Mice FAQs

  • How long do mice live?

    Mice generally have a lifespan of up to around 18 months.

  • How often do mice reproduce?

    Mice can give birth when they are two months old and can have babies 6 to 10 times per year.

  • Can I get ill from in contact with a mouse?

    It depends on the species, but some mice can carry germs in their urine which can cause illness and allergies. They can also spread disease through ticks, fleas and mites. This is why professional mouse control is so important.

  • Do mice bite?

    Yes - although it's fairly rare.

  • How small a hole can a mouse squeeze through?

    A 0.6cm gap is enough for a mouse. Proofing your home, by sealing gaps, plays a critical role in helping to deter mice and prevent a possible infestation.

  • How can I get rid of mice?

    You can get rid of mice by using mouse traps. Professional solutions offer the most efficient way to control and keep mice away.

  • What do mice eat?

    Generally mice are omnivores. They will eat whatever they can find inside a home or building. In the wild, they will eat fruit, grains, seeds and other vegetation. They have even been known to damage crops. Generally, mice like food high in carbs and will eat meat and insects and even other mice.

  • Are mice nocturnal?

    Mice will be active any time of day if their nests are disturbed. However, generally speaking, mice do prefer to do their busywork at night. They will search for food when the sun goes down and that is when homeowners are more likely to see them.

  • How do you get rid of mice in your home?

    The best way to get rid of mice is to contact a local mouse control professional, such as the mice control experts at Ehrlich. However, the best way to get rid of mice is to prevent them from getting in at all. Visit our how to deter mice page for a complete outline of steps you can take to prevent them from building nests inside your home.

Mouse prevention

Our highly trained professionals don't stop at just setting some traps and then calling it a day. We offer mouse prevention services which include identifying access points and providing advice on sealing up those areas. We determine what it is about your property that mice are finding attractive and provide you with advice on how to deter mice and other rodents.

By helping you remove the things that are attracting mice, Ehrlich can stop mice from returning and doing further damage.

Call Ehrlich for an inspection today with one of our trained professionals at 1-800-837-5520 or use our online form.

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