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Atlantic Pest Solutions

Atlantic Pest Solutions is now Ehrlich Pest Control, providing effective and reliable pest control solutions for Maine and New Hampshire. Ehrlich is part of Rentokil, the world's largest commercial pest control company.

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Atlantic Pest Solutions history

Atlantic Pest Solutions got its start as a family owned business back in 1939. Since that time we have made it our purpose to provide expert pest control solutions for more than 70 years. We have been striving for years to provide environmentally sound, yet effective, pest control solutions for common pests found in both homes and businesses.

We take Integrated Pest Management to heart in providing both short and long term pest control solutions for property owners. Whether the problem is bed bugs, cockroaches, ticks, fleas, wasps or more, we have an experienced pest control specialist who can help.

Our company started out as Atlantic Exterminators and then we became known as Atlantic Pest Solutions Companies, expanding our business to cover the states of Maine and New Hampshire. We are committed to providing thorough pest control solutions that will remove a whole host of pests and then provide solutions that will keep them away.

Atlantic Pest Solutions today

In 2012 Atlantic Pest Solutions became part of the JC Ehrlich family of companies. Ehrlich is part of the Rentokil global family of pest control companies that provides quality service to commercial and residential customers everywhere.

To get pest control solutions for your home or business call us at 800-837-5520 or visit the new local servicing office page to set up an appointment.

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