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Paper wasp control

Paper wasps are a common nuisance for homeowners in the United States due to their fondness for building their nests in yards of residential homes. 

While considered beneficial insects as they help control other pests, paper wasps will sting humans if they feel their nest is threatened. For this reason, paper wasp control services are needed if a nest is identified in close proximity to humans.  

Adult paper wasps are typically brownish with yellow markings although a few species have red markings. 

Paper wasp species that are active along the east coast of the United States include Northern paper wasps (Polistes fuscatus), Annularis paper wasps (Polistes annularis) and Dominulus paper wasps (Polistes dominulus). Paper wasps will build their nests in trees or shrubs in a yard or on the exterior of a home. 

If you are experiencing issues with paper wasps, schedule a free inspection with a licensed Ehrlich Technician by calling 1-800-837-5520 or contacting Ehrlich online.  

Paper wasp stings

Do papers wasps sting? Well, of course they can and they sometimes do. Nearly every species of social wasp has a vested interest in defending their nests and they will do so by detecting potential threats and exiting their nests in great numbers.

As far as wasps go, paper wasps tend to just want to be left alone. The problem is that they build their nests so close to where people are. Although they do not tend to make nests quite as large as some other species of wasp, which means their numbers when they do attack can be smaller than yellow jackets or hornets. However, just like other wasps, paper wasps do not lose their stingers and if someone to remove their nests or they perceive your movements as a threat their nests, they can swarm and sting a person repeatedly.

Paper wasps have smooth stingers that retract into their bodies. They can sting a perceived threat repeatedly and will in response to threats.

Do not attempt to remove paper wasp nests or other wasp's nests on your own. Ehrlich Pest Control wasps specialists are trained to get rid of wasp's nests effectively and safely, including those of paper wasps.

How to get rid of paper wasps

The best thing a homeowner can do if they believe paper wasps have infested their property is to call a pest control professional. 

If you attempt to remove the nest using do-it-yourself measures, there is a high likelihood that you will be stung.  A small percentage of the U.S. population is allergic to insect stings. If someone allergic to wasp stings is stung by paper wasps, they can potentially go into anaphylactic shock. In some rare cases, paper wasp stings can be fatal. 

The first step a pest control professional should take to remove paper wasps from a property is to correctly identify the pests. Paper wasps can be easily confused with other wasp species as well as bees

Paper wasps are also often identified by their umbrella-shaped nests. Identification is important as paper wasp control best practices differ from the methods used to treat other stinging pests. 

In order to get rid of paper wasps on a property, a pest control professional will need to kill all adults in the nest otherwise the colony will quickly rebuild. Your Ehrlich Technician will treat the nest directly with an effective application. Once the colony is eliminated, the Technician will remove the nest. 

We recommend arranging a inspection by an Ehrlich wasp removal expert in your local area by calling 1-800-837-5520

Paper wasp nests

Paper wasp nests are built by overwintering queens in the fall to survive the winter. The comb nests are constructed of a single layer of paper-like material. Queen wasps will build their nests in many locations on a property, including, 

  • Trees
  • Shrubs
  • Window/door frames
  • Attics
  • Vents
  • Chimneys
  • Fences
  • Utility lines

Paper wasps have been known to even build their nests indoors, especially if cathedral ceilings are present. 

While it is a rare occurrence, paper wasps occasionally will re-use nests the following season. 

Paper wasp nest removal

Removing a paper wasp's nest can be very dangerous. Although paper wasps are not quite as risky as other wasps to get rid of and not quite as aggressive as their cousins the yellow jacket or hornet, they will swarm and attack the potential threat. They are just like other wasps in that they will secrete a pheromone that causes nearly the entire nest to attack the threat and sting multiple times.

If you do decide to try and remove a paper wasp's nest, you need to take precautions. Such as:

  • Make sure your family is safely away from the area
  • Only approach the nest at night when the wasps are more docile
  • Do not use a ladder as you could fall if the wasps swarm
  • Keep as much distance as you can from yourself and the nest

You should not try to knock the nest down without using some kind of treatment first. Just knocking down the nest will definitely cause the wasps to swarm and attack the threat.

How Ehrlich pest control gets rid of paper wasps

The best way to get rid of paper wasp nests is to contact a professional like the ones at Ehrlich Pest Control. Our specialists are trained to find the wasp's nest and make sure all of the wasps have been removed. We also take into account your family, pets, your yard and the fact that wasps can swarm when threatened or create a new nest if the existing one is not eliminated entirely.

Your best bet for effective paper wasp nest removal is to contact your local Ehrlich Pest Control office. We will discuss the problem with you and schedule a property inspection to find where the nests are located and where the papers wasps are housing themselves. We will then offer a treatment plan to get rid of them effectively.



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