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Termite warranty

Ehrlich’s Termite Home Protection Plan* acts as a warranty against termite attack, offering the best protection available on the market for your home.

Why do I need a termite warranty?

Your home is your safe haven. If you find it is under attack by destructive termites, you want someone you can trust to quickly identify and control the threatening termite colony in your home.

If you want to avoid the risk of expensive repair bills for termite damage, then a termite service offered with warranty is critical.

Ehrlich’s termite home protection plan

The Ehrlich Termite Warranty is a structural home wood replacement warranty that protects you against future termite damage and gives you peace of mind.

Our Termite Warranty is backed by us as a company; not our chemical supplier. That’s important. It means that we stand by the work we do and that we have the tools and skills to defend your home from termite attack.

This warranty gives you peace of mind against potentially expensive termite repair bills. It can also be transferred to future owners of the home.

How to become eligible

The warranty begins after Ehrlich has:

  1. Completed a baiting program and/or chemical treatments or
  2. Completed 2 consecutive termite inspections (within no more than a 12 month period) and no termite activity has been detected.
  3. You have signed the Ehrlich Termite Warranty Agreement

If termite activity is found, you will be provided with recommendations for the most appropriate termite treatments.

Depending on geographic location and condition of the property, buildings need to be inspected and assessed individually for optimum protection against termite attack.

* Terms & conditions apply, please contact your local office for more details.

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