Termite queen

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Termite queens

Colonies of termites can quickly spread from property to property, resulting in expensive damage that can easily go undetected.Termite colonies owe their source of power to the  queen termite. The term termite queen immediately conjures thoughts about a termite sitting on a throne and ruling over the rest of the worker termites, but this is far from the reality of the situation. The truth of a termite queen is almost quite sad.

Termite queens, however, are the originators an entire colony and, thus, the termite infestation you see around your property. If you have seen termite damage or signs of termites, it's time to call the specialists in termite treatment and prevention at Ehrlich Pest Control.

What do termite queens look like?

Termite queens are not the most pleasant things in the world to look at. They start out about the same size of any other termite. There are several different termite castes s, the workers, the king and queen and the breeding types known as alates. The alates are the ones who emerge from an existing nest, spread their wings and fly to another place. Once there, the queen sheds her wings and she and the male burrow into the ground where they start to reproduce.

The termite queen looks like a very tiny termite body with a gigantic egg producing chamber. Her skin elongates and becomes translucent, allowing the observer to see the bubbling, churning liquid and eggs beneath the skin. The insect quickly goes from being about the size of a dime to the size of a human finger, with a pale, yellowish egg producing sac.

The termite queen cannot move. The distended egg chamber makes it impossible and the entire termite nest is built around her. The termite queen provides nutrients for her offspring, and the workers take care of the eggs. Those eggs hatch with some of the offspring taking care of the queen, and some go out and find food.Eventually, her offspring can produce another queen for another nest.

How many eggs does a termite queen lay?

Termite queens lay a lot of eggs. If you have ever seen a termite mound on television and see the millions upon millions of termites within the mound, you need to realize that a single termite queen hatched all of those termites.

A termite queen can lay up to 30,000 eggs in a single day. Since a termite queen can live for many years, it can end up producing somewhere in the neighborhood of 165 million eggs.

How long does a termite queen live?

A lot depends on where the termite queen lives. Termite queens who have set up their nests in populated areas tend to get spotted by property owners and they use methods to get rid of termites. However, termites are known to create gigantic termite mounds in the wild and buried deep within that mound the queen can live up to 15 years. This is the type of queen termite who can produce upwards of 165 million eggs in that time.

Where do termite queens live?

The entire termite colony is built around the queen termite. The king termite also lives next to her, creating a claustrophobic existence for the two of them. They are buried deep within the center of the surrounding termite nest, making them very hard to find and very hard to see.

There is a central termite queen chamber and within that is the distended form of the queen. They are tended by their workers, who clean the queen termite and take the eggs away into other chambers for hatching. The queen produces a liquid substance the workers lick off of her to maintain sustenance.

To find a termite queen in a large mound, you would have to take apart the mound and dig deep into the center to find it. A termite queen is so large and distended it cannot move.

Do termite queens eat wood?

Termite queens are fed from the workers. The workers who go out and find wood to then chew and turn into cellulose for the rest of the nest are ones who do the damage to your home or property. A termite queen is buried in the mound and cannot move because their bodies are so deformed and distended.

The workers are there to bring food to the queen and keep her alive and producing eggs.

What happens when a termite queen dies?

Termite queens will eventually die. The termite workers will continue to try and service and maintain the body of the queen termite. However, the egg production will stop and the nest will break apart. However, it is possible for a termite queen to produce another queen, who can either take over the existing nest, or become an alate and create a new nest somewhere else.

Stop termite queens with Ehrlich Pest Control

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