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Signs of a spider infestation

In general, spiders can be found in dark, secluded areas, both in your home and garden. When trying to get rid of spiders in your home or business, ensure that you wear appropriate protective clothing - like gloves - to prevent falling victim to a spider bite.

  • Look for spider webs - The size and shape of spider webs vary by species. Some are orb-shaped while others are funnel-shaped.
  • Some spider species live in burrows rather than webs, while others are free-ranging and take refuge in crevices.
  • Some species of spiders are attracted to moist environments.  Check your basements, walls, sheds and other damp locations.
  • Other species can be found in places such as attics, the junction of a wall and ceiling, closets and storage boxes.
  • Spiders feed on other insects and prey on antsflies, woodlice and other spiders, so where there is a plentiful supply of other insects, spiders will wait to find their next meal.

As the temperature drops in Autumn, spiders become more active, looking for a mate, and come out of their hiding places. Towards the end of Autumn many die off, but some hibernate until the following Spring.

Spider eggs are laid into a silken sac, on average about 100 eggs in each sac, which may be fixed to a surface, hidden in the web or carried by the female. Signs of the sacs fixed indoors indicate that soon there will be more spiders around.

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Spider infestation in the house

There could be some underlying reasons for a spider infestation in your house. Spiders are not looking to bite humans or devour humans for their meals. What spiders want is a quiet place where they can built their webs and catch a lot of insects they can then use as their meals.

If you see signs of a spider infestation around your home, including abandoned webs and shed spider skins, then there could be a reason they are choosing your home as the place to build their webs. It could be something like an infestation of flies or an increased amount of mosquito activity around your home, for example.

Part of the home inspection that goes into an Ehrlich specialist undertakes to determine if your home has a spider infestation is looking for those contributing factors. Often the best way to eliminate a serious spider infestation is to get rid of their food source, so a number of different pest control and specific spider control and prevention methods may be needed.

Professional solutions for spider infestations

At Ehrlich, we offer expert identification of your invading spider species and provide a professional service to control larger infestations.

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