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How to Repel Spiders

What's the best defense against spiders? Preventing them from making your property their new home in the first place. 

There are a number of common sense actions a homeowner or business owner can take to repel spiders indoors. If you take precautions to prevent spiders, you will have to worry less about bites and cleaning up unsightly spider webs. 

Ehrlich Technicians are trained to carry out preventative spider services. To be best protected from potential spider infestations, we recommend contacting us online or calling 1-800-837-5520 to set up a free pest inspection. 

Spider Prevention Tips

  • Sanitation - Sanitation is a critical component of preventing spider infestations. Practicing good sanitation entails keeping the problem areas free of debris and clutter. Since spiders feed on insects, creating an environment that is not conducive to other pests will remove the spiders’ food source.  

  • Seal and Keep Boxes off the Floor - Store all boxes off the floor and away from walls. Seal all of those boxes shut with tape to prevent spiders from using them as harborage.  

  • Replace Exterior Light Bulbs - Exterior lighting on buildings and homes attract insects, and subsequently spiders. For commercial businesses, replace any mercury vapor bulbs with less attractive high pressure sodium bulbs. For residential homes, replace outdoor bulbs with yellow bulbs that attract less insects.  

  • Exclusion - The physical prevention of spider movement into a structure can help with repelling spiders. Make sure to seal cracks and crevices around windows and doors especially. Please note however, that effective exclusion of spiders can be very difficult due to the small size of spiderlings. Spiderlings are known to enter very small cracks and then grow bigger once inside, if sufficient prey is present to feed on.

  • Web Removal - Use vacuums and websters to remove webs from indoor spaces. By removing webs, you will remove spiders and their egg sacs which will decrease the intensifying of the infestation. 

  • Ventilation - Excessive moisture attracts many insects, which in turn will attract spiders.  Therefore, consider taking steps to reduce the moisture in your property. Install proper ventilation in crawlspaces and attics. In addition to vents, plastic vapor barriers should be spread over crawlspace floors. It is also recommended to use dehumidifiers in basement areas.

  • Keep a vegetation-free zone around property - For large commercial facilities, the establishment of a vegetation-free zone 18-20 inches from the building’s perimeter will help prevent spiders inhabiting spaces on the outside and from moving indoors.

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