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Rodent removal

There are lots of rodents that can do damage to property and homes. Most species of rodent have adapted to living near a humans, so they use what's around them  to make their nests. A mouse or rat will gnaw its way through the siding of a home or commercial  building to build their nests.

Determining what kind of rodent has entered your property is the first major step in determining how best to remove the rodents from the premises. It takes technical expertise to find  the hiding places the invading rodents are utilizing.

Since rodent pests can get into the tightest of spaces, enter buildings through holes no wider than a pencil, pose potential health risks and cause costly damage to property, calling in the professionals a Ehrlich Pest Control is crucial.

Professional rodent inspection

Step one is for an Ehrlich Pest Control specialist to conduct a property inspection. Prior to this, it is key to contact Ehrlich and let us know what kind of rodent problem you believe you are having. Have you noticed droppings? Have you noticed holes in walls or smudge marks along the walls? Have you heard the sounds of gnawing as the rodents chew on wood or other substances? Are you finding chew marks on products or through bags of food in your kitchen or other areas?

Ehrlich Pest Control specialists will listen to you and inspect the places where you have seen signs of rodents. We know the difference between rat and mouse droppings. We will also use all of our knowledge and training to find the places where rodents are nesting or hiding. If it means crawling under a house or into tight spaces in the attic, that's what our specialists will do to find where the rodents are.

Once a thorough rodent inspection has been done, we will discuss treatments to remove rodents and prevent them from returning.

Rodent infestation removal

Ehrlich Pest Control specialists can discuss with you the best way to remove rodents from your property. The property inspection is key, because it is there we will figure out how rats and mice or other rodents are getting into your building. We will find the best places to provide treatment and discuss with you the  variety of rodent removal methods we employ. For example, bait stations may be a great solution if you have a large commercial property such as a warehouse. We have both indoor and outdoor traps and bait stations to capture or eliminate mice and rats.

Ehrlich Pest Control specialists will also work with you to schedule follow up visits to make sure the rodent infestation is gone and the methods used are working properly. We take into account pets, your family and your needs as a property owner. We make sure to target the right areas so that we can find the source of the infestation,remove it and limit the treatment areas.

Rodent prevention solutions

One of the  key benefits of contacting an Ehrlich Pest Control specialist to perform rodent removal services is that we don't remove the existing rodent infestation and then leave it at that. Since rodents are clever and they can use a variety of methods to get inside, we make sure you understand the key places where we identify as easy access points for rodents. We offer advice to help you prevent rodents from returning. Some of the suggestions may include things like:

  • Sealing up holes that can allow access. Even holes used by electrical cables or other cables can be used by mice and rats to get inside
  • Trimming up vegetation. Some species of rat can use trees or bushes to get into attics or upper areas in a building. Mice and rats often like to hide and nest in overgrown grass or weeds, too, and can get inside from neighboring property with overgrown vegetation.
  • Repairing the roof. Rats and mice can be great climbers. Loose roof shingles allow them easy access to attics where they can hide easily, build nests and reproduce.
  • Cleaning up the property. Sometimes mice and rats just find good places to hide. Warehouses and businesses with piles of boxes and stored material can have a particularly difficult time removing hiding places for rodents, but homes can do a lot to keep their property relatively clean and free of debris to prevent rodents.

Contact Ehrlich Pest Control for rodents

Ehrlich Pest Control is a local pest control service with decades of experience in removing rodents from properties of all sizes, both commercial and residential. To make sure your rodent infestation is eliminated the most effective removal and prevention program is implemented on your property, contact the experts at Ehrlich. Get in touch with your local Ehrlich Pest Control office today.



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