attic disinfection services

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Attic disinfection services

When rodents or wildlife get into attic areas, they can make a mess. These pests can destroy your insulation and leave behind droppings and urine that can carry bacteria and viruses that could be harmful to you and your family. Clean-up must be handled carefully and properly to prevent spreading these pathogens into the air and causing harm.

Ehrlich’s expert team can get your attic back to normal and keep the environment free of rodent and wildlife excrement with our attic disinfection services. Contact Ehrlich for help today.

Inspection and recommendations

To begin, an Ehrlich Pest Specialist will do a complete inspection of your attic area to determine if disinfection is needed. He or she will then make recommendations on what work needs to be performed.

What is included

Your comprehensive attic disinfection service includes several steps to ensure that your attic area is once again ready to access by you and your family.

  • Clean-out and disinfection - Includes removing existing insulation and disinfecting the attic area.
  • Attic air and pest sealing - Performed after insulation is removed, this includes sealing all potential pest entry and air flow points into the attic, including around lighting, at drywall seams, top plate, pipe intrusions.
  • Replace insulation - Contaminated insulation is replaced with TAP or fiberglass insulation, based on your choice.

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