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What to look for

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Pest control companies: What to look for

There may come a time when a homeowner has to hire a pest control professional. Calling in a pest control specialist does not mean you are a poor housekeeper or your home is unclean. Sometimes there’s nothing you can do to do prevent an infestation. Pests are very difficult to get rid of and you may very well need a professional’s help. How do you choose the right pest control company from all of the companies you can find online?

Ehrlich Pest Control has been providing homeowners with pest control treatment services that get rid of pests and offering treatment to prevent pests for decades. We take a look at the things you should consider when researching pest control companies and the factors you should value so that you choose the right company.

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Study the pest control company

Nearly every pest control company has a website these days which you can use to learn more about the company. There are also online review websites you can use to determine what customers have said about those companies. Just calling the first number that shows up in a search may not get you the best service. Instead, do your homework.

You can ask neighbors in person, via phone or using social media. You can review what customers have said online and you can see if the company website’s has any testimonials.  Find out how long the company has been in business. Most pest control companies have an “About Us” or “Company History” page that will feature this information. Have they been doing this for a while? Are they new to the industry? Experience does count when it comes to pest control.

Questions to ask a pest control company

How long have you been in business?

Knowing the ins and outs of pest control is something learned and mastered over time. It takes years of experience and training to know how to effectively get rid of pests. How long has the pest control company been in business? How much experience do their pest control specialists have?

What licenses, training and certification do your pest control specialists have?

Pest control companies should be licensed for your protection and their own. They also need to have certified specialists trained in handling the chemicals and offering the treatment options to work effectively in removing the pest. States often have licensing and certification requirements, too, for dealing with any number of pests and the pest control company should be able to prove they have these certifications and licenses in order.

What chemicals are being used and what do the labels say?

If you contact a pest control company who says they have their own brand of  chemicals they use, you should be worried. Licensed and certified pest control companies have rigorous FDA standards in which they operate. There are also local state, county and municipal standards they must abide by, too. If you ask them what chemicals they use and if they are licensed to use them, the pest control company should be able to provide this information.

What should you avoid?

There are a number of business practices a legitimate and licensed pest control company will not do and which should raise a red flag.

  • If the pest control company offers the use of special home made chemicals or treatments this is a major red flag. This can even be dangerous.
  • Customer service. Do they guarantee they will show up on time? Is there a phone number to call to ask questions and do they answer and reply? If they show up unannounced,  appear to go door-to-door or have a reputation for selling to people who may not be able to make a proper decision about chemical treatments, then avoid them.
  • False claims that your house will fall down if they don't treat you or you don't immediately sign a contract for a year-long service plan are a warning sign. If they also claim to be endorsed by a federal agency, watch out. The government regulates but does not endorse pest control companies.
  • Accountability should be evident. If they do not show up on time, what do you do? If the wrong chemicals are used or if property is damaged, what do you do? What are the terms of service? These are questions you should ask. The methods, treatment and steps you need to take if something goes wrong should be transparent.

Ehrlich Pest Control solutions for your property

Ehrlich Pest Control offers pest control learned from decades of experience. We work with local and federal rules around pest treatments to get rid of pests and pest prevention. We offer year round protection and work with homeowners to get rid of the pest infestation based on the needs of your property and your family. We also offer guarantees and make sure our pest control specialists are licensed and certified.

If you have a pest control issue, contact your local Ehrlich Pest Control office and schedule a property inspection.