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The Parkersburg, WV team proudly brings industry-leading expertise to West Virginia. Our local pest specialists strive to better the community in which they not only work, but live as well. With 50+ combined years experience, the team is able to provide the best pest control solutions for termites, rodents, bed bugs, and more.

We are proud to carry on the Ehrlich reputation for great customer service in the Parkersburg area. If you're experiencing a pest problem, don't hesitate to give us a call.

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Ace Exterminators' success was built on a foundation of long-lasting customer relationships and the principles of initiative, ingenuity and exceeding customer expectations that continue as our operating principles today. 

For over 65 years, Ace Exterminators has provided pest control services to West Virginia and Western Maryland. Once a privately held company, Ace Exterminators is now proud to be one of Rentokil North America's family of brands operating under the Ehrlich Pest Control division. We are a QualityPro certified pest control company and have earned the mark of excellence in pest control. 

From local wildlife to termite control, Ace Exterminators is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality pest control service.

Parkersburg, WV pest control reviews

Parkersburg Rodent Control Specialists

Rodents are a common pest in West Virginia, and when temperatures drop, they go looking for somewhere to stay warm. Rats and mice may be small, but they can do significant damage. These pests can carry disease and contaminate food. If you have a rodent problem, act fast before the infestation intensifies by calling your local pest control experts at Ehrlich.

Termites in Parkersburg

Termites are another small, but incredibly calamitous pest that plagues West Virginia. One of the worst things about termites is that they often go undetected until it is too late. Eating through wood almost constantly, termites quickly reduce the integrity of your property's structure. Because termite damage is considered preventable, most home insurance policies do not cover it. Don't let a termite infestation catch you off guard.

Termite control is best done by the professionals, so contact us today to schedule an inspection. Our termite inspections and treatments are backed by our Termite Warranty, so you can rest assured that Ehrlich is working to keep you termite-free.

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