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Chipmunk control

Chipmunks are small rodents with black and white stripes down their sides and back. They are sometimes thought to be squirrels (which they are part of the same family), but they are generally smaller. Chipmunks are almost entirely located in North America, and they are voracious eaters and they create burrows beneath the yard. All of that adds up to potential chipmunk pest problems.

Chipmunks are notorious for the deep and long burrows that they create, which can damage your lawn, as well as decks and other structures in your yard.

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What do chipmunks eat?

Chipmunks are omnivorous and will eat just about anything. In the wild, they eat seeds, nuts, fruit and buds. However, once they get near humans, they also start eating grains and vegetables that you might be growing in your garden.

In the wild chipmunks will eat fruit, nuts, grains, bird eggs, grass, worms, small frogs and other things. When they infest a home that has an abundant food source, their menu expands.

Chipmunks particularly enjoy seeds. If you put out seeds to feed birds, you could be attracting chipmunks. They may not be notorious for climbing like their cousins the squirrels, if you have seed or seed blocks easily accessible from the ground you can find chipmunks there.

Chipmunks have cheek pouches that can expand almost as wide as their body. That means they can stuff a lot of seeds and other food inside those pouches and carry them off to bury and hide in the burrows.

Chipmunks are ground feeders, although some species have been known to climb trees to find acorns or some types of nuts such as hazelnuts.

Chipmunk damage

Chipmunks can consume a large amount and they take a lot of food items back to their burrows. That means they will devour your flowers, plants and garden items pretty efficiently. They also will empty out your bird feeders.

The real problem with chipmunks are their burrows. They are notorious for making deep burrows that are many feet in length. They create a clean sleeping quarter and then numerous side-tunnels for waste and for storing food. That ends up creating quite a network of tunnels and weakened ground right under your house.

If chipmunks become too numerous, you could end up with damaged decks, porches and other yard structures. These can become very expensive to repair. Chipmunks that get into homes and garages can cause even more damage.

How to get rid of chipmunks

One of the best ways to deal with chipmunks is not to allow them around your home in the first place. This means removing wood piles, vegetation and debris from around your home. A chipmunk could find that particularly attractive to set up a home. If you leave food out for pets, cover it or bring it inside. Take the birdseed and raise it up off the ground.

There are also various traps and other methods of getting at chipmunks. However, if you have a true infestation of them, missing a few will just cause there to be more before too long.

The experts at Ehrlich are trained to find out where chipmunks are hiding and then providing an effective and reliable method of chipmunk removal. Once we remove the chipmunks we can advise you on the best ways to prevent their return.

Ehrlich’s chipmunk removal services

Do you have a chipmunk infestation in your home or business? Contact Ehrlich today to learn about our highly-trusted chipmunk removal services. Removing chipmunks from your porch, attic or walls can be an extremely difficult undertaking without the right tools and professional expertise.

All Ehrlich Technicians performing wildlife management services for nuisance animals such as chipmunks, skunks and raccoons are state-certified and follow all state and local regulations. Ehrlich Technicians receive specialized training on how to properly remove chipmunks from a property.

In addition to baiting and trapping solutions, your dedicated Ehrlich Technician will make recommendations to customers that will help them avoid future problems with local wildlife.

If you would like to learn more about removing chipmunks from your property, contact us online or call 1-800-837-5520.



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