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Pest Control Northern West Virginia

Our local West Virginia team provides expert pest control services to the following counties: 

  • Monogalia
  • Preston
  • Marion

The West Virginia team consists of technicians and colleagues that have 50+ combined years experience. Our Pest and Termite Control Technicians are local and live in the communities they service. We enjoy being part of the community and helping solve concerns with quality solutions. 

We are very proud of the Ehrlich reputation for customer service in this area. We hope you will give us the opportunity to satisfy your needs.

Welcome Ace Exterminators Customers!

Ace Exterminators' success was built on a foundation of long-lasting customer relationships and the principals of initiative, ingenuity and exceeding customer expectations that continue as our operating principles today. 

For over 65 years, Ace Exterminators has provided pest control services to West Virginia and Western Maryland. Once a privately held company, Ace Exterminators is now proud to be one of Rentokil North America's family of brands operating under the Ehrlich Pest Control division. We are a QualityPro certified pest control company and have earned the mark of excellence in pest control. 

From local wildlife to termite control, Ace Exterminators is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality pest control service.

Michael Turek

West Virginia Branch Manager

Area District Manager for Northern West Virginia

"I have been part of the Ehrlich organization for 28 years, and am proud to say that during my career at Ehrlich I have had the pleasure of servicing the customers of Northern West Virginia."

West Virginia Pest Trends

Stink Bugs

Stink bugs are a common nuisance pest in the local areas. They may look menacing but luckily they do not bite or sting people and stink bug infestations do not cause any structural damage to property.

It is usually in the fall when they become a real problem as they enter buildings in large numbers looking for shelter.


Mosquitoes start to become a problem as temperatures begin to rise in spring. The mosquito season usually lasts from April to September each year. Mosquitoes are known carriers of diseases like West Nile Virus and Canine Heartworm. 

Specialist Pest Control Services in Northern West Virginia

Customer Testimonials

Below are three success stories that exemplify Ehrlich's commitment to customer service excellence:
  • Laura, Residential Customer - "My father is elderly and Kenny is the only person my father will let in. Ken does a great job and we always want Ken for service, he takes care of our 'bugs' beautifully."

  • Vicki, Residential Customer - "He does a wonderful job and is so personable and patient."

  • Salvation Army - "Our technician, Ken, takes the time to educate us on issues and is very personable. We love his service!"