How To Deter Mice

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Identifying mice

Mice are nocturnal creatures and are rarely seen by homeowners. This can make the job of identification quite difficult.

They often forage for food at night or during dusk, when most of the other residents of the house are asleep. Even if homeowners do catch a sight of their mouse invader, it may only be for a split second and not enough to identify the species.

how to identify a mouse

Ehrlich’s rodent experts however have the expertise and know-how to help with identification, which will help to establish the right control method for your home or business and your particular mouse species.

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What types of mice do I have?

There are some species of mouse, which are more commonly found in homes than others. There are certain characteristics you can look for, to help to identify the mice in your property.

Alternatively, you may wish to learn more about the common signs of mice, which can also help to confirm if you do actually have a problem.

If you want to know more about your potential resident mice, find out about the most common species found in homes in North America.

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