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Termite control in Miami

If you are a resident or business owner in the Miami area, you may have dealt with pests on your premises. In southern Florida, termites are likely one of the pests people fear the most. After all, these little wood-eaters can cause devastating harm to your structure, resulting in high repair costs and overall stress. Termites are very prevalent in the Miami area and are highly active from April until August.

Miami is a great location for termites to take up residence because of the region’s humidity and hot weather. Additionally, exposed wood on structures in the region can make it easier for termites to enter a property. So, what are you to do?

If you have seen any signs of termites, you should contact a trustworthy pest control company, such as Ehrlich, as soon as possible. Our termite professionals are trained to handle termite issues and can stop an existing problem before it becomes worse. Get in touch with us today to set up a time for an inspection.

Subterranean termites & other types of termites in Miami

Multiple types of termites can be found in Miami. Pest termites include subterranean termites, which usually live in soil, and drywood termites, which reside in dry wood. Here are the termites that may cause you problems.

  • Eastern subterranean termite - This species is a common termite in North America. Swarmers (termites with wings) are around ⅜ inch in length and their bodies are dark in color.
  • Formosan subterranean termite - This type of termite is aggressive. Swarmers are around 5/16 inch in length and colored yellow to brown-yellow.
  • Drywood termites - These insects may be located in places like attics, furniture and windowsills.

Usually, termites in the Miami area swarm from April until August.

Termite treatments in Miami, FL

When you have a termite issue, you will want to get treatment quickly to eliminate the pests before the infestation gets worse. At Ehrlich, we know expert termite treatment is of the utmost importance and that is exactly what we provide. Prior to treatment, an inspection will occur, where we will look for termite activity and conditions conducive to activity. We will also talk with you to learn more about the problem. Treatment usually takes place on a separate day.

The type of termite treatment used will depend on what kind of termite is causing you problems. For example, a spot treatment or a bait system can be used for subterranean termite control, whereas a spot treatment or fumigation may take place for drywood termite control. More than one treatment may be needed but that varies with how severe the infestation is. We will recommend the appropriate treatment for your specific situation so the issue can be corrected.

Termite tenting

We offer termite tenting (fumigation) in the Miami area and this can be done if the infestation is severe. Fumigation involves putting a tarp over the structure and introducing gas inside to eradicate the termites. Although you may find the idea of fumigation intimidating at first, do not fret: This treatment is carried out by trained professionals and you can be confident that your property will be treated with care and respect.

How to get rid of Miami termites

Once you know termites are attacking your premises, they should be eliminated as soon as possible to lessen the likelihood of serious property damage. As termite control necessitates special knowledge, we advise that you contact a pest expert who is equipped to eradicate these wood destroying organisms rather than attempting to take care of the problem yourself. This will ensure the most effective treatment is used to get rid of the pests and to keep your structure safe for the future.

Ehrlich will send out a professional who is trained in termite treatment to get rid of termites at your home or business. We are your local experts in Miami termites and Ehrlich has decades of experience in pest control. We are well-versed in termite detection and treatment and are the right company to handle your particular problem.

In the meantime, keep a close eye on your structure and look for the following red flags that termites could be present:

  • Termite swarmers (termites flying)
  • Wood that is damaged
  • Termite droppings

It is very important to get a termite inspection every year to watch out for any activity and catch issues. This could help you avoid costly repairs induced by termite damage. Unless the inspection is for a real estate purchase, Ehrlich provides this inspection service for free. Contact us today to prevent and get rid of termites!

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