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Local Pest Control Miami, FL

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Our Miami, FL team of pest control Technicians has a combined 50 years of experience serving Miami-Dade and Monroe Counties.

  • Our Miami area-based bed bug and pest exterminators are fully trained and proudly provide service to both residential and commercial customers.
  • We provide service to many different industries including the Hospitality Industry, Healthcare Facilities, Country Clubs, Food Processing Facilities, Government Facilities and other commercial locations.
  • We offer a variety of cutting-edge pest control services such as Entotherm treatments for bed bugs among other services.

Miami residents can call on Ehrlich’s local pest control service whenever they have a pest issue. We get rid of pests correctly and fast. We have specialists that are trained to deal with pests such as:

If you have are experiencing a pest issue and need a pest control company to provide the right solution for your needs, call on Ehrlich. Ehrlich Pest Control in Miami services a lot of areas in and around the Miami area. These locations include:

  • Kendall
  • Miami Lakes
  • Miami Shores
  • Aventura
  • Miami Springs
  • Coral Gables
  • Miami Beach
  • Doral
  • Medley
  • Coconut Grove
  • Bal Harbour

We are proud to service Miami and the surrounding areas and look forward to being of assistance with any pest control related questions that you may have.

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Gersom Monge

Area District Manager in Miami

Miami, FL pest control reviews

Bed Bug Removal Miami, FL

The problem with bed bugs goes beyond the bites that you find on your neck, arms, torso and body. The real problem with bed bugs is that they create a lot of fear and anxiety because they feed on people when they sleep. A bed bug infestation is a disturbing experience and can cause lost sleep and other issues.

Fortunately, Ehrlich can help. We are the experts in bed bug removal in Miami. Give us a call for all bed bug issues as our highly trained specialists can provide you with bed bug detection and removal services that work. We use various innovative methods, such as bed bug dogs, to find all of their hiding places and Entotherm heat treatments as well as chemical treatments to make sure all bed bugs are removed during all life stages.

Don't lose anymore sleep worrying about bed bugs. Get the bed bugs solutions from the experts in bed bug control and prevention. Call on Ehrlich today and get a free inspection and to discuss the best bed bug treatments for your property.

Spider Control Miami

If there is one thing that the warm tropical weather in Miami brings is an abundance of spiders. In fact there are spiders in Miami that you might not find other places. Spiders are beneficial to humans when they stay outdoors and devour insects like mosquitoes, which can be pests and bring about a whole bunch of health issues.

However, spiders can become a concern when they come indoors. If there are too many spiders in and around your Miami home, then you could be looking at a spider infestation.

Of course, spider bites are something that people worry about. More than likely, however, a spider bite will not cause a serious problem unless the person is allergic to insect bites.  Additionally, old spider webs, filled with the carcasses of devoured insects, make your property look dirty and shoddy.

That's why people call Ehrlich - the spider control experts in Miami, FL. Businesses and homeowners trust our team to take care of the spider issues around their properties. Ehrlich spider specialists will remove the webs, the arachnids and offer methods of preventing a return of the spider infestation.

Call Ehrlich today for a free inspection and to discuss our spider control services.

Mosquitoes and Ants in Hialeah, FL

Not only are mosquito bites annoying, they can be quite dangerous. Did you know mosquitoes are one of the deadliest animals in the world? Yes, you heard that right. In 2015, mosquitoes killed roughly 830,000 people. Mosquitoes are infamously known for carrying diseases like West Nile, Zika virus and Malaria. 

With mosquito-borne illnesses making news headlines across Florida, mosquito control has never been so important. Many people think wearing mosquito repellent or lighting citronella candles are the only methods of keeping mosquitoes away but luckily, there are other options. Ehrlich mosquito control services meet state-standards and are effective at controlling and preventing mosquito infestations from returning in the future. 

Hialeah residents also commonly have issues with ants. When dealing with ant control issues, it’s important that the source of the ant infestation is identified. You can try DIY ant control treatments, but if the source of the ant infestation, or ant colony, is not treated, you may not see results. 

Your local Ehrlich pest specialist will do all the hard work for you. By identifying, treating and preventing your ant infestation, you won’t have to guess if your DIY ant control treatment will work.

Pest Control Expertise in Miami, Florida

Many Miami, FL area customers in highly regulated industries such as food processing rely on Ehrlich for pest control services.

We also provide specifically tailored maintenance programs, whether it is for mosquitoes, flies, bird control, or wildlife we can find a program to fit your needs. We can customize a pest control program to fit your needs.

Question & answer

How fast is the pest control process in Miami, FL?

A lot depends on how desperate the situation is when it comes to the pest infestation. Our Ehrlich Pest Control specialists are local and will get there as quickly as possible while taking into account their schedules and your schedules. If there are risks involved, we will make every effort to get to your property as fast as we can.

From there, we do need to determine the type of pest involved and that will determine how we treat for the pest, how many treatments may be needed, the cost and how long the treatment will take.

What does Miami pest control service cost?

There is no quick and easy answer to the costs of pest control. It depends on the nature of the pest involved. Bed bugs, for example, can take multiple treatments and may require follow ups after the initial treatment. Spiders can be tough to get rid of, as are cockroaches and termites.

An Ehrlich Pest Control specialist may have to search a very large amount of territory to figure out where the pests are getting in. They may have to crawl beneath the house, or in tight spaces in the attic. Then, they provide the most effective treatment options.The cost will also depend on which treatment you choose, the time involved, number of pests that need to be removed, whether this is a business or home, local regulations on pest control treatments and other factors.

Your best bet is to call the local Miami, FL, office and set up that initial pest inspection to get an estimate.

How quickly does Ehrlich respond to pest treatment requests?

We make every effort to respond quickly to your calls and requests. We understand that living with a pest infestation is a nuisance. Some pests also carry health risks. Given all of that, we work with you and your schedule to get out as quickly as we can, do the initial property inspection, provide you with an estimate and set up treatment times.

The type of pest, the size of the property and the nature of the infestation all factor into the timeliness of the treatment. Of course, depending on the type of pest, one treatment may not be enough and follow-up treatments needed. We work with you to get it done as quickly as we can.

Contact the Miami, FL, Ehrlich Pest Control office to set up a property inspection and get things moving.