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Pest control Lebanon, PA

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Ehrlich Pest Control in Lebanon, PA, has been around, providing reliable and trusted local pest control services for more than 38 years. In that time, we have made sure to stay up to date on pest control issues, methods and treatments.

We can help your home or business deal with pest issues such as mice, rats, bees, wasps, rodents and other pests. We offer solutions that will stop the pest infestation and offer solutions that prevent the return of the pests.

We make sure our pest control specialists are ready with the latest methods of pest detection, removal and treatment. If you think you have a pest issue, contact us and schedule a free property inspection and to discuss pest control solutions with one of our experts today.

Lebanon, PA pest control reviews

Bed bug control Lebanon, PA

If you have been finding bite marks on your body when you wake up in the morning, it could very well be bed bugs. If you haven't seen the actual insects, that's not unusual. Bed bugs are very small and very good at hiding. Spots of blood, shed skin and bite marks are the hallmark signs that bed bugs have gotten into your home and started to feed - on you.

For local bed bug control in Lebanon, PA, contact the specialists at Ehrlich. Our pest experts live in the area, so we can get to your property quickly. We make sure that our specialists are trained on the latest methods of bed bug detection and treatments

Don't live with bed bugs for another minute. Contact us right away and set up a free property inspection so we can confirm that bed bugs are the culprit. We will find the right treatments for you so you can get rid of bed bugs for good.

Spider control treatment in Lebanon, PA

Ehrlich Pest Control specialists are experts in getting rid of spiders throughout residential homes. Some of the most common areas spiders infest in homes, include basements, attics, outer buildings, sheds, garages, crawlspaces. Our pest specialists will remove spiders and their webs in an efficient manner. Too many spider webs make your property look shabby and they collect dust and dirt. We can help!

Contact your local Ehrlich spider control expert and set up an appointment for a free initial property inspection. We'll help you deal with spiders and other pest problems you may have.

Termite control for Lebanon, PA

Termites eat wood. They love to eat wood and they can eat and eat and eat and never gain any weight. To them, the wood in and around your property is as tasty as a piece of chocolate cake might be to you. They will build their mud tube tunnels up the walls and start dining on the floors, walls, floor joists, doors and just about anything else made from wood.

Ehrlich termite control experts in Lebanon, PA, know where to look for their mud tubes, nests and how to find other signs. Without professional expertise, termites are difficult to find and very tough to get rid of. An Ehrlich pest specialist will conduct an inspection in order to identify the infesting termites and will discuss the most effective treatments for your property.

Don't let termites cause costly damage to your home! If you think you have seen the signs of termites, contact us and schedule an inspection today.



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