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Pest control in Lake Norman, NC

Since 1928, Ehrlich has been protecting homes and businesses in North Carolina with customized pest control solutions. The Lake Norman district covers the local area just north of Charlotte, and stretches north to Lenoir and Statesville. Our specialists are local, and know all of the variables that contribute to local pest activity, particularly the mild springs and hot, humid summers of North Carolina. Our knowledge of the area can help diagnose any pest problem bugging you.

Using an integrated approach, we address your entire property, focusing on pest prevention, removal and exclusion—all backed by our customer satisfaction guarantee. Our certified and licensed specialists effectively eliminate common pests, such as ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, fleas, flies, micemosquitoesrats, spiders, ticks, wasps, and more. We also offer eco-friendly solutions to give you peace of mind that your family, pets and home are protected. No matter what your pest problem may be, Ehrlich has the solution. Let us help you today.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is the pest control process?

    In Lake Norman, NC working with your local Ehrlich Pest Control pest specialist starts with either contacting us via our website or calling us at 800-837-5520.

    Our pest specialists will schedule a time to conduct a free property inspection. Based on your inspection, your pest specialist will provide you custom solutions and treatment options for your property and discuss the recommendations to prevent future infestations.

    Scheduling treatment is easy! Your pest specialist will work with you and your schedule to find the best time for treatment and offer guidance in preparing for their visit.

    Start the process by calling us at 800-837-5520 or contact us online to arrange your free inspection.

  • How much does pest control cost?

    There are many factors that determine the cost of pest control, which makes it impossible to give a fixed price for treating each pest. The price is determined by factors including:

    • Pest type
    • Extent of the infestation
    • Treatments chosen
    • Number of treatments required
    • Additional monitoring and prevention services
    • Size and type of property

    A trained pest specialist will complete an initial inspection and provide you a custom quote and recommendations for your specific pest problem. Your pest specialist will discuss recommendations and answer any questions you may have. See more details on our pest control costs page.

    To request an inspection and quote now please call us at 800-837-5520 or contact us online.

  • How do I get rid of bed bugs?

    Bed bugs are one of the most common pest problems in Lake Norman. People inadvertently pick them up while traveling when the tiny insects crawl into clothing or luggage from an infested room. They are then carried into other hotels, apartments, and homes where they crawl around at night to seek blood meals and places to shelter.

    For businesses, it is essential to have a monitoring program to detect bed bugs as early as possible before an infestation spreads. New bed bugs can be brought in to your property at any time and they can quickly find places to hide and breed.

    Once you detect an infestation it is important to thoroughly inspect your property to establish its extent. There are many places where bed bugs can hide. Our pest specialists are highly trained to inspect a property and determine the best available treatments.

    There are a number of treatments available to eradicate all the life stages of bed bugs, including non-chemical and chemical treatments.

    Check out our bed bug pages for more advice on detection and treatments to eliminate bedbugs.

    If you need help now, call us at 800-837-5520 to speak to one of our pest control professionals or contact us online.

Residential pest control in Lake Norman, NC

We provide specialist home and apartment pest control services to defend you from ants, spidersroaches, termites, and other harmful pests.

Our pest control specialists are all highly-trained and certified to use the most effective, safe, and environmentally-friendly products and methods. All treatments follow all state and national regulations and are verified by our in-house scientific and technical experts before using them with customers.

Contact us at 800-837-5520 or fill in our online form to schedule an appointment today.

Watch this video to learn about the benefits of our pestfree365 program to protect your home:

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Ant control solutions

Ants can be a big problem in the Lake Norman area. They can be both troublesome to residential properties and destructive to the agricultural industry.

Fire ants are cause for even greater concern. They are very difficult to control and their sting is dangerous, especially to those who are allergic. In order to be most effective, a twice-per-month service is recommended.

Contact us at 800-837-5520 or fill in our online form to control ants.

Spider control solutions

There are over 43,000 species of spider in existence, and many are located right here in North Carolina. Some have poisonous bites and some are not threatening at all. Nonetheless, we certainly don't want our homes to be overtaken by these 8-legged pests. Stop the spread of a spider infestation with the help of the Ehrlich spider control specialists.

Ehrlich Pest Control provides spider control solutions that remove infestations and keep them away. We prioritize holistic pest control solutions and focus on prevention so we can reduce the chemical treatments needed.

If you have a problem with spiders, contact us for a free inspection.

What's the difference between rats and mice?

Discover the main ways to tell these two rodents apart.

Commercial pest control in Lake Norman, NC

Ehrlich has specialists who focus exclusively on all types of industries – from restaurants and hotels to pharmaceutical research, healthcare, and military facilities. Long-lasting relationships with colleagues and customers is a cornerstone of our success.

Our specialists are supported by our in-house research and development team as well as our entomologists who are available for onsite consultation. We have unmatched technical expertise in controlling pests, from exclusion and detection to capture, identification, and elimination.

Our service assurance

Ehrlich Pest Control provides a pest control service in four stages: contact, survey, treatment and aftercare, to make sure your pest problem is dealt with in a professional way.

1. Contact

We will arrange for your local branch to contact you

  • Local experts
  • We'll return you call as soon as possible (Mon - Fri)

2. Survey

We will discuss your pest problem, arrange a survey if necessary, and provide a quote and recommendations.

  • Appointment at a time convenient to you
  • Solutions tailored to your pest problem
  • QualityPro Certified

3. Treatment

Our QualityPro certified specialists will come out to provide your treatment

  • Appointment at a time convenient to you
  • Environmentally sensitive approach
  • Child & pet friendly treatments

4. Aftercare

We'll make as many visits as you require to ensure your problem is resolved

  • Guaranteed solutions
  • Prevention advice
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