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Stinging insects

General stinging insects

10 plants that repel bees and wasps

Bees need flowers for pollination, but many plants can repel wasps and other stinging insects from your garden to prevent painful stings.

What's the most painful insect sting?

What are the most painful insect stings? The Schmidt Pain Index has all the information you need to know rating each sting on a scale of 0-4.

How to deter stinging insects from your home

Why are stinging insects and wasps attracted to my house? Take back your yard with these simple steps to prevent wasps and wasp nests.

How to prevent stinging pests

Enjoy your sting-free summer by taking preventative measures around your yard. Our infographic shows you where wasps will build nests.

Wasps and hornets

How long do wasps live?

It might be tempting when you see a wasp nest to wait it out, but wasps do have a lifecycle. Our experts tell you how long wasps live.

10 common wasp questions

Are they wasps or hornets? Are wasps different than bees? See the answers to the most common questions about wasps and stinging insects.

Where do wasps go in the winter?

During the winter months, it's rare to see pests like wasps. Which begs the question: Where do wasps go in the winter? Do they die? Find out!

The essential guide to wasps

Unlike bees, wasps are often feared and considered dangerous. Ehrlich Pest Control takes a look at the most common questions about wasps.

Cicada killer wasps: what to know

Cicada killer wasps are not as well known as other wasps, but are unique because of their nests, stings, diet, and behavior.

Bald-faced hornets: nests, stings, and more

Bald-faced hornets are the most common hornet found in the eastern US and it's important to know how they behave to identify them properly.

Wasp species in the Eastern US

There are many different types of wasps, but are they all the same? The wasp experts from Ehrlich Pest Control give you the answers here.

Do decoy wasp nests work?

Decoy wasps are a common DIY tactic to get wasps to build their nests in places other than your backyard. But do they actually work?

Cicada killers vs. Northern giant hornets

Cicada killer wasps and Northern giant hornets are both wasps that are feared for their sting, but behave differently. Our experts explain.

What is the purpose of wasps?

When wasps are ruining your party, it's easy ask yourself why do wasps even exist? Learn the purpose of wasps for our environment.


Why do bees swarm?

Bees tend to swarm when a colony becomes too crowded and they need to seek out a bigger place to build their new nest. Learn more.

How to keep bees away from my deck

It's hard to enjoy summer when bees are constantly buzzing around. Learn how to keep bees away from your deck and yard with our expert tips.

Carpenter bees: Do they sting?

Carpenter bees tend to come out around the spring time, but do you need to be worried about them stinging? Our experts weigh in.