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Rodent articles

General rodents

6 rodent facts that homeowners need to know

Rodents can be a huge problem for homeowners. Check out our infographic for some rodent facts you should know to keep your home rodent-free.

Keep historic and older homes safe from rodents

The architectural elements of older homes can attract rodents. Learn how to keep historic homes safe from rodents.

Are rodents the most expensive tenants you’ll have?

Rodent damage can result in costly repairs if you don't take action. Find out what mice and rats can do to your home.

What diseases do rodents carry?

Rodents can carry a range of bacteria, leading to the spread of diseases. But what diseases do rodents carry? Find out here.

Rodents: they’re stronger than you’d think!

Rodents are stronger than they look...and they're hard to get rid of. Stay one step ahead with these five facts about rodent strength and agility.

Infographic: Prepare your home for fall rodents

As the weather gets colder, rodents begin to search for warmth. Find out what you should do to keep fall rodents out of your home this fall.

What’s the difference between rats and mice?

This infographic from the rodent experts at Ehrlich Pest Control explains the difference between rats and mice, and how to tell them apart.

Vehicle-vandalizing vermin: How to keep mice out of your car

Preventing rodents from vandalizing your vehicle is not easy. An idle vehicle is all it takes. Find out how to keep mice out of your car.


5 things in your garage that attract mice to your home

Garages can house all sorts of items: tools, outdoor furniture, boxes, and even PESTS! Find out what things in your garage are attracting mice.

Got mice? How to get rid of these pests when mouse traps don't work

Having mice in your home is frustrating, but what happens when your mouse traps don't work properly? Our experts explain what to do.

What do mice eat?

Mice will eat just about anything in your home, but love meats, grains, oats, cereal, rice, corn, fruit, and seeds.

The Essential Guide to Mice

There's a lot of information about mice, but Ehrlich can answer the most common questions about mouse control.

How do urban mice adapt to their environments?

Urban mice are very flexible and can adapt to a variety of environments in order to survive. Learn how mice adaptations can cause problems.

Infographic: The house mouse - get the facts

Have you spotted house mouse droppings at your home or business? Get important house mouse facts from Ehrlich Pest Control’s infographic here.

12 fascinating facts about mice you need to know

Mice are truly amazing creatures and one of the world's most common pests. Here are 12 interesting facts about mice you need to know this winter.

People often ask are mice dangerous to humans? There are serious potential health risks to a mouse infestation and Ehrlich can help.


Brown rats: the intelligent threat

The common brown rat (Rattus norvegicus) is a highly destructive rodent found in rural and urban settings, and can be a cause of concern.

What to look for in a rat control professional

Rats are one of the most persistent pests in homes and businesses. Ehrlich shows you what to look for in a rat control professional.

The Essential Guide to Rats

Rats are common in homes and businesses, but there are many questions about rats our specialists get over and over.

What is a roof rat?

Ever find yourself wondering, what is a roof rat? We explore common questions about these pests, including how to get rid of them.

Are rats posing a risk to your business?

Rats in businesses are not a welcome sight. Some factors inherent in your processes may actually be inviting pesky rodents in.

Top 5 East Coast states for rat activity

As the rodent experts in the eastern US, our customers trust us to keep rats away. We look at the top 5 East Coast states for rat activity.

What do rats attack?

Rats are more commonly known for transmitting diseases, but they can attack humans and mammals under certain circumstances.