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Pests in the Headlines

Africanized killer bees: facts and tips

Africanized killer bees are really aggressive bees, and it's important to know one when you see one. Get all of the facts here.

How kudzu bugs affect the Southeast

Kudzu bugs are on the move affecting homes and farms in southern states. Learn more about kudzu bugs and their impact.

10 steps to pest proofing your party

Pest proofing is an essential task if you want to host a party and have a clean home for your guests. Find out what you can do.

10 ways to prevent ticks and tick bites

Ticks can be dangerous, which means knowing how to prevent ticks can be essential in keeping your family safe from tick bites.

8 tips to prevent wasp stings

The best way to prevent wasp stings is by making your yard less desirable for wasps. Learn our 8 tips to prevent wasp stings this summer.

Medical Uses for Insects

Insects can be pests, of course, but there is a field of study known as ethnoentomology that is looking at how they can also be beneficial medically.

Rasberry ants: What's really wrong with your electronics

There is a new threat out there and they are called Rasberry ants, or crazy ants. They have a special fondness for electronic devices, too.

2016 Pest Trends

Looking ahead to the pest trends for 2016. Here are some things to watch out for and some tips for preventing pests in the coming year.

How to prevent bed bugs when traveling

You may encounter bed bugs during your holiday travels, so it's worth knowing how to prevent bed bugs when traveling to save yourself later.

The kissing bug & the risk of Chagas disease

The news is full of stories about how dangerous kissing bugs and Chagas Disease is. Find out the truth about the risk in the United States.

5 pest-related issues to keep your eyes on in 2018

Looking ahead to 2018 here are some of the pest control and pest prevention issues you should keep an eye on. Contact Ehrlich for pest control service.

Top 10 deadliest insects in the world

While spiders and stinging insects can be scary, there are many insects that can be deadly if encountered.

6 pest predictions for 2020

Ehrlich's entomologists examined trends and company data to determine six pest predictions for 2020, along with quick tips to stay pest-free.

The year ahead: pest predictions for 2021

To help people prepare for 2021, entomologists from Ehrlich Pest Control used field knowledge and data to provide pest predictions for 2021.

The spotted lanternfly must die!

While agriculture was their initial target, spotted lanternflies have since spread into residential areas. Here's what you should know.

Brood X cicadas: 2021 the 17-year emergence

It’s been 17 long years of waiting for the Brood X cicadas. What should you know about these unique and mysterious creatures?

Be prepared for the new year: Ehrlich 2022 Pest Predictions

Factoring in climate change, natural disasters, worldwide pandemics, pest behaviors, and information from our regional field managers, we present the Ehrlich 2022 Pest Predictions.

Worms that’ll make ya jump, jump

Asian jumping worms are an invasive species and are considered to be bad for the environment. Learn what to do if you spot one in your yard.