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Pest Control Tips

Read our blog to discover how our year-round pest protection plan keeps your home safe from over 36 pests.

Pets that get rid of pests

There are plenty of things that you can do at your home to prevent pests from rodents to insects. Here's a list of pets that get rid of pests for you.

Ultimate guide to seasonal pests [Infographic]

The ultimate guide to seasonal pests illustrates common pest behaviors in the U.S. by season, so you can always stay one step ahead of pests.

3 common winter insects

Winter insects can take over your home or business, and the usual suspects are stink bugs, boxelder bugs, and Asian lady beetles.

Pests in Real Christmas Trees

Many people worry about getting insects or pests from live Christmas trees. Don't worry, home pest control can take care of that.

3 major risks of DIY pest control

There are lots of DIY pest control methods available on the internet. But what are the risks involved in trying to use them?

How NOT to remove a wasp nest

Removing a wasp nest can be dangerous, especially at certain times. Learn the right way to remove a wasp nest, as well as methods to avoid.

Books, Bags and … Bugs: Lice Alert

Head lice are commonly found in schools and quickly spread to students. Find out how you can remove lice from your child's hair and clothing.

Christmas Pest Control Tips

Taking decorations out of storage or having a live holiday tree may bring pests into your home. These Christmas pest control tips can help.

6 spring cleaning tips to stay pest-free

This spring, keep your home pest free with these 6 tips to keeping your home pest free when doing spring cleaning.

9 spring pest control tips and repairs

Spring is here, which means pests are back. These spring pest control tips will help prevent pests from getting into your home.

5 ways to keep pests out of healthcare facilities

Here are some key tips and suggestions to reduce pest & odor issues in your healthcare facility.

Top 5 summer pests and how to avoid them

This summer there are a number of pests that can ruin your outside activities. Ehrlich Pest Control can help you avoid pests near your home.

Hurricanes and pest-related damage: What to know

Hurricanes can often result in pest damage in your home. Learn how to protect your home from pests after hurricanes and tropical storms.

20 must-know tips for your fall hike

Our crash course on pest “watch outs” will help you, your family, and friends stay safe on the trail during a fall hike.

Out of sight, out of mind: pests in your attic or crawlspace?

There are a lot of places pests can invade your home. One of them is the attic. Ehrlich provides tips for finding pests in the attic of your home.

Winter pests in the Northeast: why you should care

Bed bugs, cockroaches and rats are pests you may find on your Northeast property in winter. Contact Ehrlich if you’re dealing with any of these pests.

DIY home projects to deter pests

Prevent pests in your home by adding these DIY home projects to your list so that you deter the most common critters that infest homes.

Ants in the kitchen: Get rid of these unwanted dinner guests

How do you get rid of ants in the kitchen? Ehrlich Pest Control answers this question here. Contact us to take back your kitchen from ants today.

Top 5 East Coast cities for ticks and Lyme Disease

Now is the time to start worrying about ticks and Lyme Disease. Here are the top five cities with tick problems and Lyme Disease reports.

8 ways to prevent mosquito bites on vacation

Summer vacations are often spent outside, which means mosquito bites are probable. Here are 8 ways to prevent mosquitoes bites on vacation.

How to celebrate the 4th safely

As you prepare for your outdoor barbecues this summer, check out our infographic about food safety and pest control this 4th of July.

The secret ways pests enter your home

Learn how common household pests get into your home and the entry ways rodents, birds, ants and other insects use to invade your residence.

What to know about bugs and your mulch

In this blog, we give you some tips to help ensure that these bugs do not enter your home through your freshly mulched landscaping beds.

Protect your pets from pests this summer

Prevention is the best way to keep your pets safe from biting bugs. Learn how you can protect your furry companions from pests this summer.

How to reduce your fear of insects

To dislike insects is understandable, but to leave your home when one drops in is most likely entomophobia, the fear of insects.

Protect your home from winter pests

While seasonal threats may be coming to an end, there are several pests that make it their mission to get in your home each winter.

6 tips for outdoor living, pest-free!

Your yard is an extension of your home. Enjoy peace of mind when spending time outside with Ehrlich’s 6 tips for pest-free outdoor living.

Flea control: When flea collars are no longer an option

Flea season is underway and it’s only going to get worse which makes finding an effective flea control solution – that works – all the more important.

Pest control during hurricane season

You may think you know the risks of hurricanes, but there are some implications that aren't always top of mind. What does hurricane season mean for pests? Learn how to prevent pests when storms come.

The ultimate guide to pest-proofing your home this fall

Our ultimate guide to pest-proofing your home contains tips and tricks on how you can best prevent pests from entering your home or business.

Don’t let your holiday guests be pests

While you are busy decorating and wrapping gifts, it’s easy to overlook signs of pests. We've got the tips you need to avoid pests during the holidays.

What happens to pests in the winter?

Find out if what types of pests are still active in the winter and learn what you can do to protect yourself and your property.

Buyer beware: Signs of pest issues to know when buying a new home

You’re about to embark on one of the biggest purchases of your life: buying a new home. Find out what signs of pest activity may be red flags.

5 bug repelling plants for your garden

There are a lot of plants that are good for your garden, but there are also several plants that repel bugs from your home or garden.

5 ways to spot a pest infestation in your home or business

Think you might have a pest problem? There are 5 signs of a pest infestation that you should be aware of, regardless of your problem.

Prevention tips for keeping fall invaders out of your home

Pests will move into your home where they can stay warm and cozy until spring. Use these prevention tips for fall pests to keep them out.

Is that yellow spider a Joro spider?

Want to know if that yellow spider is a Joro spider? Ehrlich lists out characteristics of yellow spiders and how to identify them.

12 tips for keeping your food safe this holiday season

Avoid food contamination & food safety issues by following our holiday food safety guide. Take a look at our infographic for more info.

This spring, keep your home pest free with these 6 tips to keeping your home pest free when doing spring cleaning and enjoy your summers pests free.