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Pest control articles

Pests: How They Are Harmful to Your Pets

Fleas, ticks and other pests can be very harmful to dogs, cats and other pets. Ehrlich professionals can help you control pet pests around your home.

What are bat bugs?

Bat bugs are very similar to bed bugs and are often confused, but each have a couple of differences that homeowners need to know.

Why do stink bugs stink?

Have you ever wondered why stink bugs stink? Stink bugs use their smell as a defense mechanism to alert others of danger. Learn more.

House centipedes: new year, same pests

Learn about one of winter's most active insects - centipedes! Learn about one of the pest world's most misunderstood insects.

5 praying mantis facts

Seeing a praying mantis is always exciting, and they are truly amazing creatures. Here are 5 interesting facts about the praying mantis.

It's fall: Here come the stink bugs

Now that fall is here, it's time to prepare your home and property for the invasion of the stink bugs.

5 facts about silverfish you should know

If you are finding holes in clothes, books, and other fabrics, you could be dealing with silverfish, not moths.

5 types of caterpillars that will remind you of fall

As the colors of fall begin to fade into the bleakness of winter, we're looking at some caterpillars whose color will help keep fall alive.

Facts to help you stop fleas

Knowing the facts about fleas, like their color, size, shape, and behaviors can help you stop fleas from infesting your home or business.

What are weevils? What your business needs to know

If you run a food processing business or store food anywhere within your commercial property, you need to watch out for weevils.

5 facts about spider beetles

Spider beetles are particularly common in the northeast. Ehrlich Pest Control answers five common questions about spider beetles.

What you need to know about stink bugs

Stink bugs are an invasive species and they have invaded North America. Ehrlich Pest Control helps get rid of stink bugs around your home.

Biting midges: the unseen threat

Biting midges, or no-see-ums, are small but pack a punch. They feed off of humans and animals and will bite readily, leaving painful lesions.

Are drugstore beetles dangerous?

One of the most common commercial pests is the drugstore beetle. But are drugstore beetles dangerous? Find out here.

What are springtails and are they dangerous?

What are springtails? You may have seen these little creatures by the gardens around your home. Find out how to get rid of springtails from your property.

The stink bug: agriculture’s biggest enemy

Stink bug damage plagues the agriculture industry. Find out why the Brown Marmorated stink bug has caused such hysteria.

Clover mites: What you need to know

Clover mites are reddish-brown pests that are related to ticks and spiders, but actually are not considered insects.

Spruce spider mite: the Christmas tree killer

Spider mites are destructive little pests that can destroy spruce, arborvitae, juniper, hemlock, pine and Douglas fir trees!

Overwintering pests: A spring awakening

Overwintering pests make their way into your home in the springtime after a long winter. Find out how to get rid of them.

Keep pantry pests out of your holiday baking

Are you a holiday baker? You probably don’t want to include pantry pests as one of your main ingredients. We can help you avoid pantry pests.