Entotherm heat treatment

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Entotherm heat treatment

Entotherm heat treatment is a chemical-free method of pest control that is effective against pest insects such as bed bugs, cockroaches and wood boring insects through the targeted application of heat. It eliminates all life stages of insects in just one treatment, egg, larva and adult, thus minimizing any disruption. It is also suitable for use against molds and pathogens.

Entotherm is a great solution for a range of businesses including:

How Entotherm works

Entotherm uses a portable system that delivers heat to any contained, infested area. A mobile unit delivers heated liquid through insulated pipes to heat exchangers that produce hot air at the pest-infested treatment site. The hot dry air warms the fabric of the building and its contents to a carefully monitored temperature between 132°F and 140°C.

The heat denatures the protein within insect bodies and disrupts the waxy layers on the outside of the insect, causing dehydration. The temperature is high enough to kill pests rapidly, but without causing any structural damage to your property.

Strategically placed heat sensors and thermal imaging technology are used to accurately measure and record the process, ensuring even heat distribution. The process is monitored remotely on a laptop, producing a computer-generated graph. Following treatment, detailed reports are produced to demonstrate heat exposure at the correct temperature for the required time.

Low toxicity pesticide may be applied in some circumstances as an additional precaution to guard against re-infestation.

Benefits of Entotherm

  • Minimal disruption: Single, quick and efficient treatment that typically takes less than a day to solve pest problems. Treated areas can be used directly afterward.
  • Protects your business reputation: Pest problems are solved rapidly and thoroughly, from early detection to rapid response.
  • Minimizes costs: Mattresses and upholstered furniture can be treated, saving you the cost of disposal and replacement.
  • Reduces the use of pesticides: Non-toxic and pesticide-free option, making it especially suitable for sensitive environments such as food preparation areas and hospitals.
  • Suitable for most building types: Can safely be deployed to most structures. An Entotherm-trained specialist will conduct a thorough site assessment, recommending suitability and most effective approach.

Entotherm Heat Pod

The Entotherm Heat Pod is a container that is designed to be quick and easy to set up on a customer’s property to treat infested items on-site. This allows for quicker treatment times and eliminates the risk of items being damaged or lost when taken off-site. The heat treatment is effective against most types of pest insects associated with everyday items such as textiles, furniture and soft furnishing. These include bed bugs, cockroaches, textile pests and stored product insects.

The Heat Pod has an integrated heater and fan system, which delivers and distributes heat within the pod quickly and safely, raising the internal temperature to 132–140°F for one hour. This temperature is high enough to kill any pests, but not enough to cause any product damage. Four electronic heat sensors are located within the Heat Pod to monitor and record the core temperature, ensuring an even heat distribution. The system is computer-controlled and produces records of the process as proof of heat exposure for an adequate period of time.

The Heat Pod can also be scaled down to 6'x6'x8' to fit in smaller spaces such as a hotel room.


Benefits of Entotherm Heat Pod

  • Cost effective. Only one treatment of infested items is required.
  • Minimal disruption. A single, quick, efficient treatment solves pest problems.
  • Protects your business reputation.
  • Chemical-free process. Allows treated items to be used directly afterward with no residual side effects.
  • Computer-controlled system. Ensures complete treatment on every occasion.


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