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Shipping fumigation

At Ehrlich, we provide specialist ship fumigation services which may be a requirement when importing and exporting goods.

With years of experience and highly trained technicians, you don’t need to look any further than us for the highest quality fumigation services.

It is important to have the whole vessel clean and pest-free to ensure product that is stored on board is not infested and not at risk of contamination.

How shipping fumigation works

Shipping fumigation involves the treatment of the holds of a ship (whether they be full of commodity or empty) or the treatment of certain areas within the superstructure of the ship itself.

Treating export goods

With exports, the holds of the ship have to be inspected for cleanliness and insect activity prior to loading. If any pest activity is found, fumigation treatment may be required.

The product going into the hold may also be infected which could require fumigation treatment.

Treating imports

With imports, the consignment may have been infected prior to loading offshore and as part of the U.S. import requirements, the consignment (as well as the vessel itself) must be pest and disease-free.

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