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Pest control in Frederick, MD

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Our 17 Pest and Termite Control Technicians have 113 combined years of experience serving all of Frederick and Montgomery counties.

23 colleagues work in our Frederick Office and live in the community they service.

All of our dedicated team members have been trained to the highest standards and provide our customers with exceptional service coverage.

We provide conventional and baiting services for termites along with pest services for ants, mice, wasps and every other nuisance pest.

David McMullan

Area District Manager in Frederick

"I have proudly been part of the Ehrlich organization for over 20 years. I started as a technician with my first route in the Frederick area. I along with my team share a passion for delivering the best customer service in the area."

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Frederick pest trends

Bed bug control Frederick, MD

Bed bugs are prevalent in our area, due to the close proximity of Interstate 70 and 270 which passes through our service area.

We specialize in bed bug services providing conventional and heat treatments using the most up to date materials and treatments.

Fly control in Frederick, MD

Flies are also a concern in the summer months because of all the farms in our surrounding areas. We take pride in making sure all our agriculture and farming customers enjoy fly-free facilities.

Termite control in Frederick, MD

Termites can create a serious and costly problem for homes, businesses and any property or structure that's made of wood. Termites require cellulose, the substance that helps hold wood together, and they eat constantly. Because they are small, and sneaky, they can be at work within the walls of a building, causing huge amounts of damage, for years before anyone finds them.

If you've noticed floors that are spongy, flying termites, discarded termite wings, mud tubes or doors that are not closing property, you might have termites. Call the local Frederick termite control specialists at Ehrlich.

Contact us today and get a free property inspection and we'll discuss how to find the infesting termites and how we'll get rid of them.

Spider control Service in Frederick, MD

There are a lot of spiders in the world. Most of them spend time in the wilderness, capturing and eating insects, but sometimes they end up in and around your home or property. Most of the time, spiders can be beneficial, helping keep down the population of real problem insects like mosquitoes, can be problematic. Spider infestations result in messy webs and the possibility of spider bites.

Ehrlich specialists are trained to even get into the hard to reach places, find pest access points and recommend the best methods to remove them. We also make sure that once the spiders are removed, we educate our customers on what they can do to make their  property less attractive to pests.

Contact us today and schedule a property inspection and tell us about your spider problem.

Frederick pest control training

We at Ehrlich understand the value of providing our technicians with the best training in the business. Our technicians are Green Pro and Quality Pro Certified and take pest control correspondence courses from Purdue University.

Great detailed service

"Great detailed service. Service person very courteous and knowledgeable."
- Mary Ann Bacon

Exemplary service!

"Exemplary customer service! The technician was courteous, friendly and exceptionally competent. Appreciate the support."
- Vonna Heaton

A customer for more than 40 years!

"Always satisfied! Excellent service all the time for almost 27 years!"
- Linda Bjorndal

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