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Commercial Pest Control

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Commercial pest control services

Ehrlich Pest Control provides services to protect your business against a wide variety of pests. We have been serving thousands of commercial properties including airports, warehouses, restaurants, and shopping centers. We know what it takes to protect your property portfolio.

Whether it's one pest or an entire infestation, your local Ehrlich specialist will provide you with the services and resources to control and prevent pest infestations in the future. Contact us online or call us at 800-837-5520 for professional pest control services. 

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Ehrlich’s pest control capabilities for businesses

By following the principles of integrated pest management and proven pest control methods, we will guarantee early detection, detailed monitoring and precise product application to manage your pest issues effectively. Every service and solution we offer for your business is carried out by a trained specialist. Our solutions include:

  • PestNetOnline – Our secure online platform is easily accessible with instant access to documentation needed for audits, the ability to spot trends, and having real-time oversight of pest activity and recommendations from the experts.

  • Green pest control – An effective and environmentally sensitive approach based on the causes of your pest problems, needs, and budget.

  • Technician training and tenure – With an average tenure of 7+ years, you can rest easy that your local technician is an expert partner for your business.

  • Environmentally-responsible pest management programs – Ehrlich shares the responsibility with you to keeping your employees and customer safe. We are focused on providing environmentally responsible pest management: eliminating pest activity without the overuse or unnecessary application of pesticides.

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Whether your business handles food or does not handle food, Ehrlich has the solution that will be customized to your needs and your budget. 

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Nationwide commercial pest control services

Managing a multi-site network of facilities has never been easier with one account manager at Ehrlich. The individual facility will be serviced by our local team while you maintain communication with one person.



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