Cockroaches FAQs

  • How do I know if I have a cockroach infestation?

    Signs of a cockroach problem can be identified by various physical evidence such as cockroach droppings, smear marks, shed skin, cockroach eggs, damage caused by cockroaches, unusual odor and actual sightings in kitchens and basements.

  • What species of cockroaches are there in the U.S.?

    There are several species of cockroaches found in the U.S. which are the 

    German Cockroach
    Oriental Cockroach
    American Cockroach
    Brown Banded Cockroach
    Australian Cockroach
    Smoky Brown Cockroach

  • Can cockroaches fly?

    Yes, some species are stronger flyers than others. The Oriental and German cockroach species do not fly.

  • How do I prevent cockroaches?

    The most effective way to prevent cockroaches is to deny them easy access to food, water and shelter, which are the main factors that attract them into your home or business.

  • How do I get rid of cockroaches?

    There are range of off the shelf do-it-yourself products that can be purchased from local shopping centres but professional treatment is often the most effective way to get rid of cockroaches in your home or business.

  • What are the treatments for cockroaches?

    We offer non-toxic which are highly targeted at the crevices where cockroaches hide. Products used may include a spray, gel baits or dusting powders.

  • What type of cockroach killers are there?

    As a professional pest control company, we have a full range of highly effective insecticides and insect control products which offer an effective solution to a cockroach infestation.

  • Do cockroaches bite humans?

    The cockroach is an omnivore, that is, it eats everything edible. They are rarely aggressive enough to attack people while awake but could if you were asleep. Only larger cockroach species could take a bite through human skin.

  • What do cockroaches eat?

    Cockroaches aren’t picky eaters. They will consume any organic food source that is available to them. This includes, leather, hair, books, decaying matter and sewage, sweets, meats, beer, cheese and starches. Cockroaches have also been found to eat dead trees and decaying wood. This all depends on the environment cockroaches have inhabited. Cockroaches can live up for a few days to a week without water.

  • How long do cockroaches live?

    The development time for a cockroach is heavily influenced by environment and species of cockroach. The lifespan of a cockroach can range from a little over a month to almost two years.